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Found 1 result

  1. Many have received the notification that v1 will reach end of life and the web service will be discontinued 6/30/16. This is way, way too fast. Reading through the posts here, there are many like me who are on v1 and see the issues (and lack of parity) for v2. In my particular case, I migrated to v2 for a month and have now moved back to v1. It's very obvious that v2 is not a mature, stable program. v2 was touted as a great new upgrade, when in fact, it is a beta version on a new platform. Many features that worked great in v1 do not work at all in v2. v2 has potential, but it's just not ready yet. Don't alienate your loyal customers by sticking with the 6/30/16 End of Life's just too soon. Finally, please realize that IRIS is a security/fire/automation product. Many use it to secure and protect their homes. It would be extremely foolish, (and dangerous) to force the new v2 on customers when it is so obviously not ready. Please delay the End of Life of v1 until 12/31/16.