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Found 8 results

  1. I wanted the ability to turn my in-ground swimming pool pump on and off via my smart phone as well as have it operate via a few magic rules. Problem..... the pump is a 220 volt motor and there is no Iris switching device for such. So I picked up a common relay from Radio Shack and wired the pump to the relay and the relay coil to a power cord which plugs into the Smart Plug. Works wonderfully. In the next few days I will post some pictures and part numbers for anyone interested in switching on/off 220v.
  2. ok, i know this is an elementary question but i just want to get this set up and move on. I want to hook up my christmas tree lights to a smart plug and have it set up to turn on and off at a certain time. In a quick scan of the available rules i didn't see a simple one to do that. What am i missing? What is the simple way to do this? Thanks!
  3. I am attempting to extend the range of next gen Iris hub by using next gen smart plug. 1st gen contact sensor was out of range on sun porch and would lose connection to hub when placed on sun porch. Initially placed smart plug in adjacent room and tested by cycling it on and off. It responded quickly through several cycles. The sun porch contact sensor performance did not improve. It remained disconnected and unresponsive unless moved closer to the hub. Experimenting further, the smart plug was placed on the sun porch. Its performance did not change. It responded quickly each and every time it was cycled from my smart phone. So the smart plug is communicating with the hub without any problem and is supposed to repeat the signal to the contact sensor which is in the same room with only 5 feet of air between them. Obviously, this is not happening. Can anyone provide any insight on what might be wrong with this scenario?
  4. I really need this feature to work. What the current feature does is toggle the smart plug on/off or send a notification to some one if a device has been on or off for a certain length of time. What this appears to do is only count the time the smart plug is on or off, not if the device it's powering has been on or off. I have a well pump and it is hooked up through a smart plug and it is awesome at telling me it's current power consumption and having the ability to turn it on/off as needed remotely. However, I really need to know if I have a leak on a line or the pump switch is malfunctioned and my pump is continually running for a certain length of time so I can be notified to turn if off or have IRIS turn it off for me. This would be a very useful feature I would think for everyone. Curling iron left on, coffee pot, TV, so on...
  5. In V1, my V1 Smart Plugs report wattage and daily cost of the appliance connected to them. Do V1 Smart Plugs report the same information in V2?
  6. I am replacing all of my V1 SmartPlugs with V2, and have a ton of V1 plugs to sell. This is a great opportunity to grow your system cheap! These sell for $20 new. I am making a no-haggle offer for all members of this forum. Prices are fixed, no offers will be accepted. This deal expires 48 hours from this post, after which everything goes to eBay. 1-3 @ $16 each 4-6 @ $15 each 7-9 @ $14 each 10+ @ $13 each and shipping is free! Shipping is $5 regardless of quantity to the lower 48. I am making 22 SmartPlugs available for this offer! Offer ends 48 hours from post. PayPal only. Please PM if interested.
  7. I posted this with a related topic in smart plugs. My problem with the smart plug rule is quite frustrating. I set the rule to notify me with a text when the smart plug has been on or off for five minutes. This is to monitor if my step-son is turning his monitor on after a certain time. When the plug is activated and five minutes has lapsed the smart plug cycles OFF and NO TEXT is sent if I also have a rule that the plug turns off after one hour. I'd like to have both features but they seem to conflict. I have tried this on two different smart plugs and it consistently does this. If I disable either feature the other works as expected.
  8. I think I know the answer but wanted to try. I have 2 smart plugs and 1 range extender (that I finally got working). As I understand it the smart plugs function as extenders (repeaters) but since they have no battery when the power goes out so does most my system (found this out before I got the extender). Even tho I have the extender now if I loose power the smart plugs will still be in the loop and I will have the same issue. First, does that sound logical? Second, is it possible to disable only the repeater part of a smart plug so it simply acts as a smart plug? Thanks for the input.