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Found 5 results

  1. LobsterBoxed

    Control 24vdc Device?

    Is there any solution available to control a DC device? I have a mechanical fresh air damper installed on the return side of my HVAC system that I would like to control with IRIS. Any thoughts?
  2. Smartthings allows you to control multiple lights using 1 GE switch (i.e. I can flip the porch light switch on and both the porch light and the garage light will come on, very handy as you can make groups of inside and outside lights then use Echo to turn them on/off if you like). Is this possible something like this with Iris? I would prefer to have the lights on the Iris system for the alarm but Iris is not making the case for it.
  3. I would like a magic rule where if a certain switch, smart plug, or outlet goes above a certain amount of usage in watts to turn on or off a different smart plug or receptacle.
  4. Smooth1SITF

    Smart Button Usage

    SO, I bought my very first Smart Button yesterday to use it as a control for a light in a closet. I found you have to either select it as a "Panic" button, "Door Bell", or a "Magic Rule". You have to select "Magic Rule" to use it as a control. Now, for those of you that has these buttons, in the application I want to use it with, I want to be able to push the button and it turn on my light in the closet for 2 minutes. So far, I don't see where you can select the time on it. Does anyone know of a way to make it turn on a device for a short period of time? Im not seeing it so far, but I have been known to be blind. LOL
  5. I noticed that the SmartPlug supplied with Iris monitors Power Consumption and makes a report of it on the website. Why doesn't it do this for the GE / Jasco Switches and Receptacles? Can this be added or does the Switch/Receptacle not have the capabilities of reporting and transmitting this data?