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Found 8 results

  1. EyeRuss

    Iris Version No Longer Available

    When I went to the Lowe's Site today all the Version 1 items are no longer available. Motion, Door, Smart Plugs, Button. Anyone know why. Here are links: Yet on April 17th I checked the inventory of each item (links above), and there was between 3,000 and 20,000 of each depending on the item. Any thoughts?
  2. Hello- I have switched to the basic plan, which means no more rules and no more Smart Buttons to activate them. Instead, we use Alexa turn things on and off, and it works pretty well and saves us $10 a month. I also have a USB modem that I was never able to use as coverage in my area is poor. For sale are: 18 v1 Smart Buttons - All include batteries and most have at least 80% life left I would prefer to sell these as a set to one buyer for $120. Otherwise, I'll list them one at a time on eBay. 1 v2 USB modem The modem is for sale for $50. I will include the shipping for free with both of the items. Please contact me if you are interested and thanks for looking.
  3. iris5280

    My .02 Cents. V02 - Bad Idea.

    This is my first post. I came here with high hopes of finding some answers, which I found, though they were very disappointing answers. I'm now hoping someone from Iris/Lowes will see this and fire some folks. With that said, I realize that this post will get the usual "who is this guy", "who does this guy think he is", etc., but all I care about is the Iris/Lowe's person who says "Darn, wish we had talked to our consumers more and leveraged things like Big Data to collect consumer utilization data". Furthermore, I realize that there are folks in this forum that are compensated one way or another by Iris/Lowe's to provide "friendly" posts, so if this is you, just don't even bother with a reply. Without going into too much detail, I am incredibly tech aware, as it's been my career for nearly two decades, so nothing I'm about to post can be considered "user error". So I'll start with this thought - who's heard of a concept called "MVP"? It has nothing to do with sports. In this context, it stands for Minimally Viable Product. It's a concept of development and consumer testing; companies such as Toyota have helped perfect it over years. In this case, it's a joke. MVPs are most often used to test a NEW product, not a replacement product for a consumer device that has worked well. In this case, Iris/Lowe's created an MVP for a replacement product that was a complete joke! I was a V1 user for a long time. I paid for the premium subscription for more than two years and constantly raved about Iris to my colleagues and friends. I loved it. Was I a guy with 2-300 devices connected? Absolutely not, but I used it for security and a few other features. My primary reasons for using this product were simple: I wanted to know when a door/window was opened (i.e. notification and door/window chime), I wanted to be notified when a leak sensor was tripped, and I wanted the smart thermostat. Iris V1 was perfect! It worked well, was pretty reliable (minus the stupid requirements for direct connection to the router), and the mobile app did what I needed it too. I was happy, and paid my bills every month knowing it was worth it. Then the V2 came out. I was one of the first to submit my request for the V2 hub and was excited. When I received it and realized that the morons who wrote the code didn't start with the concept of migration, I waited. Thank GOD I did. So finally the migration method was made available and I finally had the time to go through it. I decided to take the plunge! That's when the issues really started. Just like so many others in the forums, I felt that the lack of a web-based management portal could be dealt with, as I had hoped the mobile app provided the same functionality. Immediately I realized that wasn't the case, as troubleshooting issues became nearly impossible (what's funny about this is if you're properly writing apps, starting with a functional web-app and porting it to a mobile app isn't that difficult anymore. If it is, then take a look at Pivotal Cloud Foundry as a tool to help). Then to find out that several of my devices, simple things such as a range extender, wouldn't work properly (found this out after three support calls). It just got worse from there, so rather than lots of paragraphs, I'll just list them out: 1) Simple physical things: Immediately I noticed that Iris/Lowe's didn't even consider what their customers may have done from a physical installation perspective. The V2 hub didn't even have mounting holes that matched the V1? What about consumers who specially mounted this in their network closet or mini-IDF? 2) Next, they decided (no real reason for it except to again force the consumers hand) to change the power supply and power connection. What about the consumers who ran their power cords through cable management systems? 3) No web app for your consumers who prefer that. This is obvious. 4) Devices that worked on the V1 were not supported on V2, even though the V2 hub still supported the same protocols. 5) Changed the door/window chime without giving the consumer a way to change it back, including the removal of the volume control. This is completely stupid and unnecessary. If anything, they should have given the consumer more sound choices and greater control. 6) The migration process. Seriously, yeah it moved my devices, but didn't warn me about ones that wouldn't work properly. Second, the disclaimer about "disables your V1 hub" is a joke. When you say disable, most people read that as yes it's disabled, but support should be able to re-enable it. The fact that it's truly disabled and cannot be reused is a joke! It gives the consumer no backout strategy. This was the last straw for me. There's more, but those are the big ones. The fact that I have no backout strategy and they've already announced the EOSL dates for the V1 tells me this: Iris/Lowe's found a vulnerability in their system that probably has an easy to recreate and find exploit that they have determined un-fixable in their architecture. This is why they are forcing every user into a piece of crap. After all of this, I immediately cancelled my subscription and deleted every device so I can reuse them on a consumer friendly device. I immediately ordered the Vera Plus and will never look back (even though I don't have it yet). I've spent a small fortune over the years with Lowe's, and I would have expected much more from them. Sure hope this helps others in their decisions when looking at home automation systems. Oh yeah, and I have a V2 Hub, barely used if anyone wants it, 10 bucks plus shipping and its yours, just PM me.
  4. pavalov

    V2 Manual Migration Instructions

    For those still on V1, and trying to decide whether to migrate manually, IRIS has posted instructions on how to do so:
  5. I have Device Groups that have stopped working in V1. I can control the individual devices through the web UI, but clicking on the Groups on the Control page does nothing (the individual devices don't show up to the right of the screen like they usually do), and clicking the radio buttons below the Group (All On/All Off) doesn't work. I know there are fewer and fewer of us left, but are other V1 users seeing the same?
  6. While getting help from IRIS tech support tonight, I was informed they've just been told that V1 will be turned off June 30. I expressed surprise since there are parity issues outstanding. She initially said parity would be accomplished by that time. I asked specifically about the following: web UI (she seemed quite firm that this would happen by then, saying: "IRIS Gen 1 won't be turned off without a Gen 2 web UI because some of our customers don't have smart phones.") scheduling for Scenes (says it will happen in time) camera third party software access issues (she wasn't sure about this) V2 hub getting the "voice" back (wasn't sure if technically possible with Gen 2 speaker, but said it was a frequent complaint, and that it would happen if hardware can do it) migration software (says it has become much more stable in last few weeks. She thought my switches, sensors, keypad, plugs and bulbs would migrate well, but that the cameras often lose their programming and need to be re-set). This is faster than I expected, but if accurate, could be good news. I would love to see these issues resolved in this time frame. I am still concerned about instability of V2 hub and device drops.
  7. Medic

    V1 hub update Jan '16

    Anyone know what this update brings for V1? Firmware version: 4.08r04 (2.3) ‚Äč
  8. Darren

    V1 vs v2

    For those that have already been using the 2nd Hub 2.0, what changes have you noticed other than that the plug is smaller, and other devices such as the motion sensor looks different. Is it faster? More reliable? Better compatibility with other manufacturers such as Aeon, Ecolink, 2gig, Enerwave etc? It is said to be more customizable, how is it more customizable? Will it be added to IFTTT app? How is the new app? I saw a long list once that seemed to duplicate its new features and did not really give any useful information Improved design & performance Increased speed & responsiveness between app and devices More frequent releases of devices that work with Iris Improved expansion capability enabling even more devices to work with Iris" 7 new Iris-branded devices Larger ecosystem of products that are compatible with Iris 7 new Iris-branded devices What 7 Iris Branded devices are these Bluetooth capable hub What Bluetooth capabilities does it have Larger ecosystem of products that are compatible with Iris What ecosystems of products are these? Create and manage rules and scenes directly in the mobile app, how is this different from 1.0 Improved expansion capability enabling even more devices to work with Iris What devices are they talking about? I can't seem to find any detailed information about the new hub, just generalized info about it. I am not impressed yet, I looked at the website:!/ I did not see many new products that 1.0 didn't have. Maybe the Pet Smart and Genie door openers. There are a few GE Switches (old style) that may work well with designer faceplates. But other than that, nothing.