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Found 19 results

  1. I'll do my best to keep my frustration at bay but it's getting hard. I've been a user of Iris since it was first created and being a Lowe's employee found it to be an amazing bit of tech to be sold at my store. I've gone through the growing pains with Version 1 and am now being forced to go through the same thing with Version 2. I waited to the very last moment to migrate over because of the issues I've read about here and the lack of a web portal but alas I could not wait any longer. I went through the migration about a month ago and found about 70% of my devices transferred over no problem but the contact, motion and key fob sensors were having issues. About half of my V1 sensors connected, one of my two key fobs and about half of my V1 motion sensors. I spent a good long while on the phone with level 2 tech and got the motion sensors back online, they have worked fine. Got both of my fobs online but one just comes and goes on its own 20-30 times a day (it is currently sitting 2 feet away from the hub and thinks I'm away). However my contact sensors would not stay connected going on and offline constantly, the solution Level 2 tech provided me with was an RA to exchange the version 1 sensors for version 2 and assured me that would fix my problem. This is where my current major problem lies. Of the 11 new v2 contact sensors I've been able to get 6 to pair but then about 10 minutes later they no longer show connected. All of the sensors are within 5 feet of the hub. I've attached some pictures of current status of my devices, a snap shot of the back door sensor going on and offline and a snapshot of my key fob coming and going on a day I wasn't even home and the fob was less than 3 feet away from the hub. A little more information regarding my system. I have moved my hub away from my other tech so as to reduce the chances of frequency interference. I own four V1 smart plugs. I have two V1 smart buttons at the absolute far end of the house from the hub and they don't have issue with connection (just for comparison). So, has anyone else experienced this type of problem and what was the resolution? I did a quick search on here before posting, apologize for any repeat questions. -Eric T. Lowe's Employee since 2002.
  2. k9sarva

    Iris Widget available?

    Anyone know if there is an Iris widget coming for the notification center on the dropdown on iphones? Would be nice to be able to arm/disarm/turn on lights, open garage door with just a swipe down rather than opening the app.
  3. iris5280

    My .02 Cents. V02 - Bad Idea.

    This is my first post. I came here with high hopes of finding some answers, which I found, though they were very disappointing answers. I'm now hoping someone from Iris/Lowes will see this and fire some folks. With that said, I realize that this post will get the usual "who is this guy", "who does this guy think he is", etc., but all I care about is the Iris/Lowe's person who says "Darn, wish we had talked to our consumers more and leveraged things like Big Data to collect consumer utilization data". Furthermore, I realize that there are folks in this forum that are compensated one way or another by Iris/Lowe's to provide "friendly" posts, so if this is you, just don't even bother with a reply. Without going into too much detail, I am incredibly tech aware, as it's been my career for nearly two decades, so nothing I'm about to post can be considered "user error". So I'll start with this thought - who's heard of a concept called "MVP"? It has nothing to do with sports. In this context, it stands for Minimally Viable Product. It's a concept of development and consumer testing; companies such as Toyota have helped perfect it over years. In this case, it's a joke. MVPs are most often used to test a NEW product, not a replacement product for a consumer device that has worked well. In this case, Iris/Lowe's created an MVP for a replacement product that was a complete joke! I was a V1 user for a long time. I paid for the premium subscription for more than two years and constantly raved about Iris to my colleagues and friends. I loved it. Was I a guy with 2-300 devices connected? Absolutely not, but I used it for security and a few other features. My primary reasons for using this product were simple: I wanted to know when a door/window was opened (i.e. notification and door/window chime), I wanted to be notified when a leak sensor was tripped, and I wanted the smart thermostat. Iris V1 was perfect! It worked well, was pretty reliable (minus the stupid requirements for direct connection to the router), and the mobile app did what I needed it too. I was happy, and paid my bills every month knowing it was worth it. Then the V2 came out. I was one of the first to submit my request for the V2 hub and was excited. When I received it and realized that the morons who wrote the code didn't start with the concept of migration, I waited. Thank GOD I did. So finally the migration method was made available and I finally had the time to go through it. I decided to take the plunge! That's when the issues really started. Just like so many others in the forums, I felt that the lack of a web-based management portal could be dealt with, as I had hoped the mobile app provided the same functionality. Immediately I realized that wasn't the case, as troubleshooting issues became nearly impossible (what's funny about this is if you're properly writing apps, starting with a functional web-app and porting it to a mobile app isn't that difficult anymore. If it is, then take a look at Pivotal Cloud Foundry as a tool to help). Then to find out that several of my devices, simple things such as a range extender, wouldn't work properly (found this out after three support calls). It just got worse from there, so rather than lots of paragraphs, I'll just list them out: 1) Simple physical things: Immediately I noticed that Iris/Lowe's didn't even consider what their customers may have done from a physical installation perspective. The V2 hub didn't even have mounting holes that matched the V1? What about consumers who specially mounted this in their network closet or mini-IDF? 2) Next, they decided (no real reason for it except to again force the consumers hand) to change the power supply and power connection. What about the consumers who ran their power cords through cable management systems? 3) No web app for your consumers who prefer that. This is obvious. 4) Devices that worked on the V1 were not supported on V2, even though the V2 hub still supported the same protocols. 5) Changed the door/window chime without giving the consumer a way to change it back, including the removal of the volume control. This is completely stupid and unnecessary. If anything, they should have given the consumer more sound choices and greater control. 6) The migration process. Seriously, yeah it moved my devices, but didn't warn me about ones that wouldn't work properly. Second, the disclaimer about "disables your V1 hub" is a joke. When you say disable, most people read that as yes it's disabled, but support should be able to re-enable it. The fact that it's truly disabled and cannot be reused is a joke! It gives the consumer no backout strategy. This was the last straw for me. There's more, but those are the big ones. The fact that I have no backout strategy and they've already announced the EOSL dates for the V1 tells me this: Iris/Lowe's found a vulnerability in their system that probably has an easy to recreate and find exploit that they have determined un-fixable in their architecture. This is why they are forcing every user into a piece of crap. After all of this, I immediately cancelled my subscription and deleted every device so I can reuse them on a consumer friendly device. I immediately ordered the Vera Plus and will never look back (even though I don't have it yet). I've spent a small fortune over the years with Lowe's, and I would have expected much more from them. Sure hope this helps others in their decisions when looking at home automation systems. Oh yeah, and I have a V2 Hub, barely used if anyone wants it, 10 bucks plus shipping and its yours, just PM me.
  4. I would like to see more integration of Honeywell tstats. I would really like to see suppport for the Vision Pro 8000 TH8320WF1029. It seems that it should not be to hard to do as you pair the currently supported tstats through the Honeywell interface.
  5. In the update notes it talked about being able to control a garage door with a smart button or key fob. I see that they have add the words "garage door" to the rules but it appears you still have to use 2 separate buttons one to open and one to close. Am I missing something because this is no different than how I already had a garage door set up with 2 smart buttons? I thought that this update would allow you to use one button and it would toggle the state of the door.
  6. Isenberg

    V2 Iris

    So, with all of the negative that is going around I thought I would let you know how my system is running. At this time my system is running perfectly; sure, there are some features that are not there yet that I would like sometime but overall, my system is fully functional and works great. My father-in-law came to visit last night and I showed him around the house at some new additions. He was amazed that as we walked through my house, my lights would come on in front of us and go off behind us. He got to see the dog bowl automatically fill itself last night and then again this morning using a retrofitted hose timer. Every time he steps foot into the bathroom the light comes on automatically and then goes off as he leaves. At 30 minutes past sunset, my front porch lights come on and then go off at 11:30, my thermostat then sets itself to a comfortable sleeping temperature and my doors lock themselves. I love the system and can't wait for it to get better. Sure, the road has been a little bumpy, but this system works and gets better with every update. The iris team listens to the customers and they seem to be working very hard to bring everything to parity. Give it time guys, already it can do a lot, it will only get better.
  7. I added an Orbit Hose timer to my V2 system today and the time never got set on it. It seems to power up with the time of 1:00pm Sunday. I left it by the hub for a over an hour in case there was a firmware update for the device, but the time never got set. I plan to do weekly schedules, so it would be good to have the thing in sync. I guess I could pull the batteries out and wait till 1:00 pm Sunday to put them back in. Any body else had this problem?
  8. k9sarva

    V2 Battery capacity?

    Anyone know approximately how long the V2 batteries are supposed to last? With the exception of pairing does the system operate normally while running on batteries alone?
  9. Wondering if anyone knows the total number of contacts you can add to V2? I have a second system I manage at my church and V1 allows 30 contacts. I have kept this system on V1 mainly because of the single login w/V2. But I would hate to move over to V2 and they only allow 10 contacts or something as we have several schlage deadbolts. This would make for some mad church ladies...........‚Äč
  10. k9sarva

    WiFi use on V2

    I'm sure this has been covered but is it possible to use Wifi for the internet connection? or at least as a backup for internet, as I have 2 independent internet setups so it would be nice to use the 2nd as a backup via wifi at least until IRIS comes up with the promised 4G adapters.
  11. k9sarva

    Garage Door Controller

    I finally got my V2 up and running with the exception of the GDC. I've reset it 7 times but the hub doesn't see it. Any suggestions?
  12. Enzo

    V2 SmartPlugs on sale

    For all those who are having some connectivity problems and want to get some V2 SmartPlugs to act as repeaters, I just saw this promo on the Lowe's web site.
  13. jejagua

    V2 Smartplug will not pair

    V2 Smartplug will not pair with V2 system on version .053. I replaced the smartplug, same result Tried many different outlets, locations, proximities Warm reset the hub multiple times This is not a migration from V1 My V1 system is up in parallel Recommendations?
  14. Like many others I am still having issues with my hub and several lights and thermostats not working. I understand that there was an issue and that Lowes is working on fixing it. I also understand that by the very nature of an open ecosystem it is impossible for Lowes to test every possibility out there especially when they are trying to fix a major issue. But based on reports from others on this forum it is not fixed or limited to the issues in their response and Lowes overall communication is poor at best. We should not be getting information about an outage from a non official Iris forum. It is not my intent in any way diminish this site I certainly am very grateful of the wealth of information and think that it provides a fantastic service. The fact that it is an independent site also makes me feel that much of the information is more accurate since it does not have corporate spin. I also like that Lowes is on the site and can see what people are saying. Outages should be front and center on the corporate website and on the App if that is how lowes expect users to use the system. This information was on for a brief time on the 8th, right at the top of the page in RED! I give Lowes credit for this. They had a problem and wanted to let their users know even if a new user happened to be looking to buy the system they were having an issue and that they were on it. But then it went away, before the issues, that we are all still experiencing, were not fixed. Even on this forum Lowes said that it was fixed except for a small list of problems. We all know this is not true. Now at the bottom of the page is a their standerd responce that its working with a small number of issues. If you don't scroll down you don't see it. Lowes you need to communicate better! They need to tell us what to do. From the current statement if you don't have the listed issues you are led to believe that it should be working. Should I restart? Should I try to pair the lost items? Should I just wait? If they would tell us some of these things it would make everyone feel like there was a company that had a pre-thought-out disaster plan. Lastly they need to tell us what happened so that we can feel comfortable that they learned from this outage and want to build back our trust in their system. If they were hacked - we are closing the security issues, if they did not test an update - we are reworking the beta update policy, If hardware failed - we are adding redundancy ETC. Sorry to rant but think this needs to be said.
  15. coteyr

    My Opinion of V2

    Let it not be said that can not hop on the "WTF" Band-wagon. I see lot of people just complaining about V2, some people trying to help but a lot of people just flat out complaining. When deciding rather to plug in the new V2 hub, what I didn't see was a "here are the goods and the bads" type post. I thought I would go ahead and post one for those who come after me looking for one. First some context. I have around 30 devices. I am a software developer, and I understand logic and such (for the rules) more then the average person. I write mostly web apps, and mobile apps. My entire home is automated using Iris. Most of it is pretty standard. Enter room, light comes on type stuff. Because I work from home, there is more of an emphasis on automation and less on security, though I do use the security feature. With that out of the way lets look at what they did right. The hub upgrade was free. That was nice, I would certainly be upset if I had to buy a new hub. Specially when I can't buy new devices for my current hub with ease. This is a huge plus. One of my big fears in this space is that I would have to spend all this money every 6 months. My home is not some kids cell phone with parts to be replaces annually cause of planned obsolescence. All my old devices worked. See the not above, this is important to me. I don't want to have to replace every light switch in the house with $50 switches every 6 months. The new mobile app is pretty fast. It's much faster then the old app. The configuration options are more complicated, but work better. I can finally have rules that can be turned off for certain things. This best example of this is the kitchen. From sunrise to 5pm, the light doesn't need to come on at all (I have huge windows there). From 5pm to 9pm, if there is motion the lights should come on for 30 mins. Better to have the light on too long then have it go out when cooking. From 9pm to sunrise, the light should come on with motion for 30 seconds. Normally, in this time frame, I am just walking through. I can finally set up a set of rules to cover this. The idea of custom scenes is awesome. Finally I can group tasks. A good example if "Movie". When I click movie, I can turn all lights in the house off, turn on some mood lighting in the living room. This is nice. The speed and the response time of the hub seems faster. In some cases. Lead times on alarms are nice. And the alarm options meet my needs. Now for what they did wrong There needs to be a web site. The app is horridly designed and hard to use. It is faster, but it's much harder to navigate the menus and what not to create rules and scenes. It took me around 30 mins per device to get it setup in the mobile app. They made a one app for two devices app. That sucks. It has none of the power that an android app or iOS app should have. Instead is has a weird set of "lowest common denominator" features that both devices have. In essence, by trying to make it the same on both devices, they made it suck on both. The new hub doesn't seem to work offline. That needs a fix. I think it would be MUCH faster then the v1 hub if it processed offline, but at the moment, it is sometimes faster and some times MUCH slower. Device support is still lacking. I bought a v2 contact senors months ago. Was looking forward to the new hub just so I could use that one sensor. Only to find now that it still isn't supported. The migration only half worked. All my zwave stuff seemed ok, But no rules came over, and all my zigbee stuff locked up and had to be manually removed and re-paired. I waited for the migration tool, so I am a bit disappointed in that. My v1 hub is a pile of rubbish. I was hoping to pass it on, but during the migration they did something, and now it won't work. I can forgive this cause they gave us v2 for free, but still. No unofficial API, I really liked the unofficial API. It's lame that it's not there. Maybe in time. No widgets - The android app should have widgets for favorites at least. All in all I am happy I upgraded to v2. Though it was not a smooth transition. The lack of rules translation means that I have to spend the next few weeks tinkering to get the rules back in to a place where me and my wife are happy with them.We had a good setup on v1, and v2 really should have been a drop in replacement. Instead v2 is more of a weekend project.
  16. bjhiltbrand

    No API for new hub version

    I have not yet been able to find access to, or documentation on, a possible API for the new hub. I will be incredibly frustrated if Lowe's does not include API access for the new hub. Without having an API, our very enthusiastic community will be stifled and will most likely move on to a more open system that will allow better customization to the system. Lowe's cannot possibly code for every use case, and this is where an API works very well to allow those so inclined to code those use cases to get the most out of the hub.
  17. Darren

    V1 vs v2

    For those that have already been using the 2nd Hub 2.0, what changes have you noticed other than that the plug is smaller, and other devices such as the motion sensor looks different. Is it faster? More reliable? Better compatibility with other manufacturers such as Aeon, Ecolink, 2gig, Enerwave etc? It is said to be more customizable, how is it more customizable? Will it be added to IFTTT app? How is the new app? I saw a long list once that seemed to duplicate its new features and did not really give any useful information Improved design & performance Increased speed & responsiveness between app and devices More frequent releases of devices that work with Iris Improved expansion capability enabling even more devices to work with Iris" 7 new Iris-branded devices Larger ecosystem of products that are compatible with Iris 7 new Iris-branded devices What 7 Iris Branded devices are these Bluetooth capable hub What Bluetooth capabilities does it have Larger ecosystem of products that are compatible with Iris What ecosystems of products are these? Create and manage rules and scenes directly in the mobile app, how is this different from 1.0 Improved expansion capability enabling even more devices to work with Iris What devices are they talking about? I can't seem to find any detailed information about the new hub, just generalized info about it. I am not impressed yet, I looked at the website:!/ I did not see many new products that 1.0 didn't have. Maybe the Pet Smart and Genie door openers. There are a few GE Switches (old style) that may work well with designer faceplates. But other than that, nothing.
  18. Medic

    Support for MIMO Lite

    Then I could integrate my dumb alarm........
  19. I added 2 of my thermostats to the v2 hub and the connected fine and showed the correct temp on the app but no changes could be sent from the app. Called support and they open a case on the issue. So definitely hold off on moving thermostats.