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Found 3 results

  1. malinim

    Video storage location?

    Hi all, Just recently bought an IRIS V2, and some devices. I found very little information about the IRIS hub either on the Lowes web site or searching the web. Had a few questions that maybe someone can answer. Where does the hub store any captured video? What are (or could) the two USB ports used for besides the Verizon Modem? Can I write my own rules (not found any documentation on rules) other than the multiple choice? Can any WiFi camera be used with the hub? How long will the batteries last in the hub when it has no power? I am using an AT&T3G/4G modem with a WiFi router which the IRIS hub will plug into using Ethernet. My concern is that if there is a lot of communications from the hub to the Lowes IRIS server, it will eat up my AT&T data usage. Has anyone looked into communications to the internet? (if not I plan to monitor and will provide the results here). Some things I plan on working on, or constructing: Creating a windows PC app to replicate what the Mobile phone app does. Add some expanded capabilities for the hub by using a raspberry PI V2 with communication to the hub either by WiFi, Z-wave, or Zigbee. I will use it to add non-IRIS devices to the hub. I would also like to add a floor plan layout display with sensor status on one of those cheap $50 walmart smart pads that I can hang on the wall that will show continuous status and not have to use my mobile phone. Seems like a great forum here, I hope to learn and contribute a lot.
  2. I have noticed there are obvious missing frames in some of the videos recorded by my outside camera. (I know cats are fast, but they don't just suddenly appear and disappear.) I suppose the videos are buffered in the hub as they are being uploaded and suspect this is a case of buffer overrun. Has anyone else had this problem? Also, I noticed the files from the outdoor camera are considerably larger than files from my indoor camera running the same resolution/FPS/duration, in fact, the file size from the outdoor camera can vary greatly from one recording to the next. For instance two files recorded the same night at1280X720 @ 5 FPS, the first is 29 seconds/3.5MB and the next 39 seconds/1.4MB. In contrast, a 30 second video from my indoor camera will be around 700KB. Perhaps the cameras use different compression algorithms, but that doesn't explain the inconsistent file sizes from the outdoor camera. Any ideas why??