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Found 2 results

  1. We’re UK based, and have developed hub software to control AlertMe devices. It handles motion sensors, door / window sensors, alarm detectors, key fobs, buttons, smart plugs, smart meter, and power clamp. This is part of a larger project to be able to handle many manufacturers’ in the same way, including both ZigBee and Z-Wave. Our aim is to exploit the increasing abundance of smaller, cheaper, and better devices that are becoming available. To date, we have been able to handle over 40 different devices from more than 20 different manufacturers. As Iris originated from AlertMe, we have been looking into the possibility of adapting it for Iris devices. We are currently using the Raspberry Pi with several different RF modules for the hub hardware. The hub software includes a web server, so the App can run locally on the hub. The user just needs a smart phone, or any other device with a web browser, which connects locally by WiFi to the hub, so there’s no need for an internet connection. An internet connection is still available as a user selectable option for remote control, updating, and for Alexa, etc. The software is written in a .Net language in its entirety, from device frame / cluster / end point level up to and including the App / UI. Each of the devices is presented as a standard interface to the control system on the hub. For example, a door / window sensor has the same interface into the control system as any other, regardless of manufacturer or RF protocol. This greatly simplifies the application programming. It also makes it very straightforward, and quick, to add devices from multiple manufacturers, just like 'plugins' or ‘drivers’ on a PC. Are there many Iris users who might be interested in breathing life back into their older systems by using this software? If so, do you know how we might be able to get hold of some Iris devices for testing purposes?
  2. I have been reading across a lot of forums lately looking at ideas and support stuff and I was reading on the AlertMe forums that a lot of people are saying that the system is dead and they are no-longer supporting it. More specifically, I was looking for some API stuff on it and came across where someone had contacted them about tit and got a response from the Operations Manager of AlertMe saying: "We are no longer providing access to our API and therefore I will not be able to assist with this. I can also confirm that we are no longer supplying the Home Monitoring service, all available products and services are listed in our shop site.". This topic was found here: There are more in other places of people talking about AlertMe being dead, but this one strikes me oddly. Most of the posts reguardling this is recent, as in June and early July. That's rather disturbing to me because this is the foundation system of Iris. With the recent sales of those Iris items at cheap prices people located, the support with Iris, and the slow push of products available for use with Iris, I am beginning to wonder if this has affected Iris itself and Iris is about to take a plunge. It would explain all the frustrations we have with support and product releases. You would think that after the recent CES presentations at the end of last year, and the Web Conference in Feb, you would think Iris was about to kick it in high gear. I hope this still holds true. I would hate to see this happen to Iris, if this is true. And if it is true, I wonder what about the current users of Iris? Has anyone here read about this and the stuff going on with AlertMe? What are your thoughts?