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Found 6 results

  1. The new cell modem has three bugs: - If a door is opened before the switchover to cellular (which I believe takes at least 30 seconds, possibly sometimes up to a couple minutes), it takes 2-3 minutes to notice and sound the alarm. - It can fault out, rendering it useless. While it worked initially for me, after running on cellular for 5-10 minutes, it completely faulted out, leaving the system without any communication or function. App figured out it had lost communication a couple minutes after the hub started blinking red. I gave it about five minutes, but it never reconnected. I've got solid Verizon 4G coverage, so it wasn't Verizon. - It doesn't log anything about loss or regaining broadband to History.
  2. My Kwikset 910 lock disconnected on the 3rd. I checked batteries, reset the lock and the hub, moved the hub next to the lock, and finally got it to connect once. But when I checked the locks card, it told me the device was not supported yet. I reset again, unpaired and repaired, to no avail. Two days later, the lock will not pair with the hub. It functions perfectly in every other way...just not with Iris. Honestly, if I'd wanted that, I could have save $200 and bought a $30 touch pad lock.
  3. jejagua

    V2 Smartplug will not pair

    V2 Smartplug will not pair with V2 system on version .053. I replaced the smartplug, same result Tried many different outlets, locations, proximities Warm reset the hub multiple times This is not a migration from V1 My V1 system is up in parallel Recommendations?
  4. I posted this with a related topic in smart plugs. My problem with the smart plug rule is quite frustrating. I set the rule to notify me with a text when the smart plug has been on or off for five minutes. This is to monitor if my step-son is turning his monitor on after a certain time. When the plug is activated and five minutes has lapsed the smart plug cycles OFF and NO TEXT is sent if I also have a rule that the plug turns off after one hour. I'd like to have both features but they seem to conflict. I have tried this on two different smart plugs and it consistently does this. If I disable either feature the other works as expected.
  5. I just logged into IRIS from my computer and took a look at the stream from my was NOT my house in the video! I then opened the mobile app, and again, it was someone else's house! This is unacceptable to be crossing accounts like this. Has anyone else had an issue like this? I will be dropping iris cameras and going with a more reliable solution and will be looking for a refund on the camera. If I can see in someone else's house, then someone else is likely viewing mine. This is terrible, and is making me rethink the quality of the entire system! Is this YOUR house?
  6. So noticed something a little weird with swapping PIN codes around. These aren't real PIN's I'm stating, just examples. I had set the Account Holder account up (me), with PIN 5555. Added another person, but they really wanted my PIN. Tried to give them 5555 when setting them up, predictably, it failed (in use with another account). Give them a temporary PIN (1111). Edit the Account Holder account, hit save. PIN doesn't change, and the second account still can't use that pin. If I go back to the Account Holder screen, change something else when I change the PIN, (like "Don't send me Text Messages At Night), then hit save, it changes the PIN just fine. Then I can go to the other account, and give them the PIN they want, with no problem. This just me?