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Found 10 results

  1. cbtexan04

    Camera Compatibility

    Hey guys, just wanting to confirm; for cameras (specifically outdoor cameras), can I purchase any zwave/zigbee compatible product and it will with with Iris? Just trying to figure out the best economical solution for another 1 or 2 cameras (previously used the cameras specifically marked as working with Iris).
  2. Wondering what the possibility of a BLINK CCTV integration with IRIS is.... Any thoughts?? Looking like they have a functioning integration with SmartThings
  3. Clyde15

    Camera Time Stamp bug - again

    After daylight standard time began, the time stamp on my cameras is off by an hour. This happened in spring with the switch to daylight savings time also. In spring, Iris fixed the problem in an update. Will this be fixed soon? Or is it possible for the users to fix this?
  4. Greg Williams

    Camera Connectivity

    I learned today that if the hub and/or cameras can't communicate with the Internet, or if the cameras can't get enough Internet bandwidth, the cameras may go offline and not come back until Internet connectivity is restored. This seems like another case of inexplicably bad design. Even if the cameras can't send recorded data to the Iris online service, the system shouldn't behave as though it has completely lost contact with them, triggering users and tech support to go down the path of removing them from the system and re-adding them. Note that re-adding cameras to the system require that they be connected via Ethernet, which may be hugely inconvenient if you've mounted them and run their power cables through conduits. Also note that technical support is seems confused about whether and why the cameras need to be near the hub. This seems like yet another reason why Lowe's should redesign how the cameras interact with the system. In particular, the recordings should be spooled to the hub, both so that they can be retrieved in near real time, and also so that data isn't lost due to Internet outages. Ideally, this would also include the ability to attach a large USB storage device to the hub to accommodate a large amount of spooled data.
  5. Depsr

    Turning IR off on cameras

    In first gen iris app I was able to turn off IR on cameras. I was also able to flip or mirror an image. Is there a way to do this on Next Gen app? The reason I turn off IR is I place camera by window to look outside, When IR turns on there is a glare and you only see the window. I put tape over the leds but it still shows in B&W, I also have an outside light that is on so I can see fine. Another reason is I have a camera under a cabinet that is shaded and the ir is on all the time because of the shading. Thanks in advance!
  6. malinim

    Video storage location?

    Hi all, Just recently bought an IRIS V2, and some devices. I found very little information about the IRIS hub either on the Lowes web site or searching the web. Had a few questions that maybe someone can answer. Where does the hub store any captured video? What are (or could) the two USB ports used for besides the Verizon Modem? Can I write my own rules (not found any documentation on rules) other than the multiple choice? Can any WiFi camera be used with the hub? How long will the batteries last in the hub when it has no power? I am using an AT&T3G/4G modem with a WiFi router which the IRIS hub will plug into using Ethernet. My concern is that if there is a lot of communications from the hub to the Lowes IRIS server, it will eat up my AT&T data usage. Has anyone looked into communications to the internet? (if not I plan to monitor and will provide the results here). Some things I plan on working on, or constructing: Creating a windows PC app to replicate what the Mobile phone app does. Add some expanded capabilities for the hub by using a raspberry PI V2 with communication to the hub either by WiFi, Z-wave, or Zigbee. I will use it to add non-IRIS devices to the hub. I would also like to add a floor plan layout display with sensor status on one of those cheap $50 walmart smart pads that I can hang on the wall that will show continuous status and not have to use my mobile phone. Seems like a great forum here, I hope to learn and contribute a lot.
  7. emtp82

    Controllable cameras

    I'd like to see something like the Foscam cameras. I hate having to pick a stationary area to point my camera at. It would be nice to have the ability to control tilt and zoom, plus have a mic built it to hear audio.
  8. I just logged into IRIS from my computer and took a look at the stream from my was NOT my house in the video! I then opened the mobile app, and again, it was someone else's house! This is unacceptable to be crossing accounts like this. Has anyone else had an issue like this? I will be dropping iris cameras and going with a more reliable solution and will be looking for a refund on the camera. If I can see in someone else's house, then someone else is likely viewing mine. This is terrible, and is making me rethink the quality of the entire system! Is this YOUR house?
  9. KingBatman

    Cameras in weather extremes

    Here in South Dakota, we have temperatures from -30F to +115F, crazy high humidity, and large amounts of snow/rain/freezing rain. The manual doesn't say anything about operating in extremes. Does anyone have first hand experience?
  10. I could not find this anywhere on the forums, so I apologize if this has been asked... Does anyone know why the indoor cameras click occasionally? From time to time I just hear an internal clicking sound that does not seem to align with movement in front of the sensor or any of my magic rules. Just curious if this may be an issue with mine or if this is normal.