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Found 3 results

  1. I am about to take down all my stuff and put up for sale, would I be better off putting on eBay or selling off Item by item? I have cameras, smart plugs, door sensors, light bulbs, GDO, smart thermostat, motion detectors and more.
  2. Motion Detector range

    I would like to control the area and range that gets monitored, and sensitivity of the motion detectors. Area could be difficult without a camera attached to it. I want the range because 75 feet to the street but I don't want to trigger every car that passes by, just motion up to the curb. These controls could also save battery life of the motion detector.
  3. Cameras in weather extremes

    Here in South Dakota, we have temperatures from -30F to +115F, crazy high humidity, and large amounts of snow/rain/freezing rain. The manual doesn't say anything about operating in extremes. Does anyone have first hand experience?