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Found 2 results

  1. jwelkley

    Cortana to control Iris

    I would like to see if Iris can be added to Windows 10 Cortana support so that we can control our smart devices from our PC's. Currently the Smart Services available are: Hue, SmartThings, Nest, Insteon, and Wink. Seems like this would be a great feature to have! See link below:
  2. RivieraDude

    Give me my keys

    Give me my keys. If I buy a padlock at Lowes, you don't keep the only keys to my padlock. So why do you insist on keeping control of the keys (cryptographic ones) to my IRIS? I don't purchase an Internet Router for my home that somone else keeps my keys to it. So why would I want this for IRIS? Yes, I can write some code. Will I? ...not sure....but if I want to...I should be able to. Just like if I want to open my Lowes purchased padlock....I should be able to. !!!! LOWES !!!! OPEN UP IRIS AND GIVE US BACK OUR KEYS. WE PAID FOR IT...IT IS ON OUR PREMISES...WE SHOULD HAVE THE KEYS TO IT....that means ability to read it, to control it, with what-ever software we should choose to want to use with it.