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Found 2 results

  1. I know parity issues have been talked about plenty on this forum, but I have a question. So I have two IRIS systems, One is set-up at my business and was bought within the last year so everything is V2. I have had 0 issues with this system since day 1 and everything just works. I also have an IRIS system at my home. I purchased this one back when V1 was out and it worked great up until V2 came out. It has had many issues since the switch but it much better now than it was. My main problem now is window and door sensors as well as smart buttons going offline/online throughout they day, almost everyday. It tends to be a certain set of sensors, some are close to the hub, some are a ways away. Distance doesn't seem to matter. I have lots of smart plugs throughout the house to help with my grid, but it doesn't seem to help either. Usually, they will reconnect by themselves, but sometimes I have to remove/install the battery for it to come back online. I've been dealing with this for many months now until the other day. I brought one of my V2 smart plugs from my business to the house and added it. I'll be danged if my system at the house has been perfect since? Not one dropped sensor. I know it's only been a few days now, but this is the longest everything has stayed online...EVER! Do I need to just buy more V2 sensors and Smart Plugs to keep things running smooth? What's different about the version 2 SP?
  2. Sorry if this is a question that's been talked a lot about on here already but I'm new here and would love some input. I have had the IRIS system for a few years now. I had the old version for at least 6-8 months before I received version 2. I was relatively pleased with version 1 but have all sorts of issues with version 2. I've tried to be patient but it is getting very aggravating. I really miss some of the standard features the old version had like the history of energy use in a graph per device on the smart plugs, the approx. battery life on the devices, and so on...I think the most frustrating thing though has to be the constant disconnections from my devices. What is going on there? It never used to be like this. I've replaced batteries, called support, banged my head on the counter...but it seems like every day I have 2 or 3 devices that end up disconnecting. It's become a standard practice each night before I go to bed to go around to each device and pull the battery for a second, put it back, and magically the device will show back up and work again. Sometimes it's more like 7-8 devices but it's almost every night. It's never the smart plugs, the keypads, the thermostat, smoke detector, or the siren. It's always a contact sensor, motion sensor, or a smart button that goes out. I am planning on opening a business soon and had high hopes to buy another system for it, but I'm not so sure if that's a good idea at this point? By the way, my system is totally version one sensors. Not sure if that makes a difference or not? Thanks for any input...I assume I'm not alone here?