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Found 1 result

  1. At 3:00 PM today I decided to re-install my indoor iris camera. By 3:50 PM I had no devices attached to my hub. I called Iris support immediately. I was told: I must have removed my hub; All of my devices and programming was lost; That there was no backup. I was then told that in order to get things up and running again, it would be necessary to manually reset my hub and reinstall everything on my network. I pointed out that according to the display on my phone (and on the PC) my thermostat was still connected. I didn't know to what it was till connected, but it was still listed as the only device that was still on my network. I has lost 60 devices. I expressed my shock; my disappointment, my frustration and finally terminated the call in shock. By 4:30 PM I had recomposed myself enough to be civil to the iris support technicians. I called them back to seek further assistance. In order to restore my hub I was told that I would have to terminate the connection to the Honeywell thermostat as part of the reconnection of the hub. I had no options. OK. I wasn't happy but was left no options other than going back to other Z-Wave hubs (and I would still have to reconnect all of my devices.) By 6:00 PM I (we) had 12 devices reconnected. Mostly smart switches because they could be collected from around the house and reset via an outlet that was close to the hub. I wanted to start by working on the hard wired devices (or sensors that were attached to walls, windows, doors, etc.) but found that they were not going to be simple to reconnect. It was becoming apparent that the only way to do the mounted or installed devices would be to set the hub to "remove a device", disconnect the hub from the Ethernet and power, take it to the device, activate the device, listen to a tone from the hub to acknowledge the disconnection of the device, reconnect the hub to the network, communicate the disconnect information, and then repeat the exercise with the hub set to "pair". I had to interrupt the exercise to feed my family at this point. I was back working on the project by 7:30. By 8:50 I was up to 17 devices again called Iris for support. This time I called to learn why none of my devices showed up on the "Lights & Switches" Card (either on my phone, or the PC interface.) Unfortunately I had run out of time for the day and would have to wait till morning before the problem could be escalated. I called IRIS this morning at 8:30. No one was available to help me. I was advised someone would get back to me within 2 hours. While waiting I composed a list of devices yet to be connected. I have reconnected the overhead light at my desk, the front walkway, the Christmas tree lights Josh from Iris called shortly after 10 AM. By 10:34 the Hub was dead - no lights what-so-ever. We replaced the batteries without effect. We tried restarting the hub several times, with and without batteries without effect. With many apologies Lowes offered to send out a new hub (with a 7 to 10 day delivery time). I call to their attention that they seemed to recognize that the problem was the hub and that is mostly why the hub dethatched itself from the network yesterday. A letter was offered that I could take to a Lowes store and present to a manager if I wanted to do that today. I explained why I could not do that at any time in the near future. Upon further consideration, they will send out a new hub overnight. I provided address for U.S.Mail and FedEx. The lesson here: realize that Iris is unable (or unwilling) to keep a list of devices in a format that can either be reused or delivered to the customer so he at least knows what he has in his home (make, model number, types of device at least) I did learn that they did have a list of scenes (and maybe rules) that they could help me with to recreate the operation in my home. To the customer: make a list of every device you have; what you purchased (make, model, etc.). Make a list of all of your scenes. This was still on the application (on my phone), and on the PC, but I was informed that they would all have to be recreated because the devices they referenced were not attached to the hub and this MAY be part of the problem. I have spent 5+ hours working to reconnect my devices (and was only coming up on half of my devices. While Lowes is sending out a new HUB, I am not a happy camper. I expect I will have to start over to reconnect my devices. Their must be a better option? Does anyone know of a solution that includes backup opportunities? I still have my HomeSeer license and I seem to remember that it had a backup utility. Guess I should look for an old computer I can reload the software on.