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Found 1 result

  1. IRIS rejects IFTTT

    I was browsing the IRIS Community Forum and came across a couple of posts that would indicate that Lowe's has no intention of ever adding IFTTT integration to IRIS. They apparently want to work directly with third party manufacturers who they want to partner up with. As a result I have personally placed purchasing anymore IRIS products on hold. I have a Ring Video Doorbell and Arlo cameras plus a Chamberlain garage door controller because the IRIS garage door controller wouldn't work probably because it was to far away from the IRIS base. Ring, Arlo and Chamberlain support IFTTT but IRIS does not. Since I use my IRIS mostly for security and my current setup works well for that purpose. As far as other home automation options go I'm looking at solutions other than IRIS. Stringify has some interesting options but I'm still looking.