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Found 7 results

  1. Back before the last two iOS releases of the app (hasn't worked the last two versions), I would get a notification that a camera has detected motion and it will start recording. I could open the app and press on the camera that is recording and see a live feed of that camera and even skip back on the live video to see what triggered the camera to record even before it was finished recording and converted into a "clip". Now when I press on the camera thumbnail all it does is put a spinning wheel in the middle of the screen and nothing ever loads, also the camera thubnail previews will refresh over and over, but actually they just look like they are flickering. I haven't been able to use this feature anymore (I believe 2.9 and 2.9.1, whatever the current release is and the one before). Also put this on the Iris Community under bugs. This is happening on the Outdoor V1 camera, haven't tested it on the others yet.
  2. The ARM NOW feature has disappeared. Given the keypad now ignores the silence while arming toggle, it is pretty important to immediately arm the system so the beeping (while arming) doesn't wake the family.
  3. The thermostat HOLD feature used to be more intuitive than it is now. Before, HOLD would appear under "Mode". It has since disappeared. I understand now that you use HOLD by unchecking your thermostat under Schedule. But the previous way was more clear.
  4. IrisByLowes

    Iris App Release Notes: 1.15

    Update 1.15 is being submitted to the Google Play store. It will be available to iOS users once approved by the Apple Store. This release contains the following: Feature: Touch ID Enablement for iOS Devices Iris users accessing their system with an iOS device will now be allowed to log in to the app with a simple touch of their finger.Feature: Santa Tracker 2016 Santa Tracker is a seasonal feature we re-enabled that allows parents and children to ‘track’ Santa’s movements through your home on Christmas Eve while helping ‘prove’ to children that Santa is, in fact, real. Santa Tracker is for ‘entertainment’ purposes only and does not require the purchase of any sensors for this feature to work. More than 70 bug fixes in Release 1.15, including: Device Related: Bulbs & Dimmers Resolved driver issue that prevented some users from controlling non-dimmable Sylvania BR30 bulbs Fixed issue where OSRAM GardenSpot lights would not retain the previously set hue after the device was power cycled Repaired issue where changes made to the brightness of an OSRAM dimmable bulb would be inconsistently applied when bulb is powered off. Fixed issue where OSRAM bulbs that support color temperature would not retain previously set color temperature when a bulb was reset Resolved reported instances where GE In-Wall Dimmer Switch attributes were not populated until after a state change in the bulb was initiated by the end user For OSRAM A19 RGB Bulbs, resolved incidents where hue changes not specified by end user would occur when turning color mode on/off/on For OSRAM A19 or BR30 RGB Bulbs, resolved issue where brightness attribute would set to an unrequested value when user requested a different brightness value Resolved issue where dimmable bulbs may improperly set to zero brightness when turned off by schedule Android Specific: Rules Resolved isolated reports where Android users were unable to access the Climate Service by clicking the Climate card via the Iris App dashboard.iOS Specific: Device Pairing & Performance 1. Bulbs & Dimmers: Resolved issue where OSRAM bulbs would turn off when attempting to adjust the brightness of the light Fixed issue where bulbs that are only dimmable would display controls for color and color temperature Corrected issue where some users reported bulbs displaying 100% brightness in the UI even when the bulb was set to a lower level of brightness 2. Pet Door: Fixed limited issue reported by basic users that would experience issues with the Iris app when navigating to their paired Pet Door and selecting the ‘More’ tab 3. Wi-Fi Smart Switch: Resolved all known pairing issues related to reports from iOS 10 users having difficulty during initial pairing of Wi-Fi Smart SwitchNotifications Resolved isolated instances reported where iOS users may not receive select push notificationsRules Fixed issue where user would attempt to create a rule that was not able to be satisfied for any reason (ex. no paired devices associated with rule, etc.) without informing the user that the rule could not, in fact, be created
  5. k9sarva

    Iris Widget available?

    Anyone know if there is an Iris widget coming for the notification center on the dropdown on iphones? Would be nice to be able to arm/disarm/turn on lights, open garage door with just a swipe down rather than opening the app.
  6. Problem: When setting up a schedule, the time cannot be changed. The popup window is displayed and user can select a new time, but it is never saved. Solution: Be sure the clock on the device being used is set to the 12 hour clock, not the 24 hour clock.
  7. EMS_Tech

    Apple Watch App

    Hello everyone, After seeing how a few other companies are already jumping on the Apple Watch bandwagon, I wanted to ask if anyone has heard any news on Iris launching an Apple watch app?