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Found 12 results

  1. Here is a hopeful sounding excerpt from s.t. support I received, after reporting being absolutely shocked that no keypad from any manufacturer, works with s.t., without a community device handler(other than ADT's and requiring ADT's hub as well). I'm a recent iris convert, and I expressed to them " I'm really happy other devices are working but I was shocked there was no keypad support at all, and said I would buy 3 today, if they would sell them even for just piece of mind". I'm a recent iris convert, that is why you see them mention the iris keypad. ”In regards to your recent inquiry, we are unfortunately not compatible with the any keypad and in specifics the Iris keypad. We have however received numerous requests for these devices to be made compatible so we have sent these requests to our product and development team to see if they can hopefully make these devices compatible in the future. As of right now, there isn't a way to add them to SmartThings and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We want to make this a smooth transition for Iris users so we are trying to make as many devices compatible as possible."
  2. Are there any other 4g modem/routers that are compatible with Iris for backup or are we stuck with this one...
  3. Has anyone tried the Google Assitant linking that was sent out in the update email today? email link: howto page: I've followed all the instructions but cant see Iris as a device in selections. Do we think it needs to wait till an update of firmware?
  4. Hello all, I have three WiFi Smart switches and they all lost connection back on April 9th at a little after 5:30 am Eastern Time. No matter what I do, I can not get them to re-connect/re-pair. I've called the help desk twice and, although the techs were trying their best, we couldn't get the switches back on the network. They simply failed to connect even though the first time I connected them (some six or so months ago) they connected with no issues. I've checked system logs and router logs and nothing unusual shows up for that date and time - or anywhere else for that matter. So it's unlikely a router issue. With that being said, I did notice that the Iris by Lowes app (v 2.1.1) updated on April 8th. Coincidence...? The best the tech could advise was to return the switches to Lowes and get new ones. I'd like to see if anyone has any suggestions first.
  5. Wondering what the possibility of a BLINK CCTV integration with IRIS is.... Any thoughts?? Looking like they have a functioning integration with SmartThings
  6. I currently have 6 OSRAM tape lights, with 5 of them in the same room. I'm looking to be able to control all of those devices as if they were one. So I dont have to set the color and brightness for each one individually. I have the ability to turn them all on or off, but not set each of them to 0:255:0 (Green) at 40% brightness with the touch of a button. Am I overlooking something? What have you done with yours to make it easier?
  7. Myke500

    Iris App V2 - Soon to be released

    Version 2 App release I have been informed that a new version of the Iris App will be released very soon. It should have an improved user interface and function.
  8. Isenberg

    V2 Iris

    So, with all of the negative that is going around I thought I would let you know how my system is running. At this time my system is running perfectly; sure, there are some features that are not there yet that I would like sometime but overall, my system is fully functional and works great. My father-in-law came to visit last night and I showed him around the house at some new additions. He was amazed that as we walked through my house, my lights would come on in front of us and go off behind us. He got to see the dog bowl automatically fill itself last night and then again this morning using a retrofitted hose timer. Every time he steps foot into the bathroom the light comes on automatically and then goes off as he leaves. At 30 minutes past sunset, my front porch lights come on and then go off at 11:30, my thermostat then sets itself to a comfortable sleeping temperature and my doors lock themselves. I love the system and can't wait for it to get better. Sure, the road has been a little bumpy, but this system works and gets better with every update. The iris team listens to the customers and they seem to be working very hard to bring everything to parity. Give it time guys, already it can do a lot, it will only get better.
  9. Has anyone got the mimolite to work with Iris? I would like to use this connect my existing alarm system to iris so I have backup in case my cable line is cut. I have all of my windows covered and several smoke detectors so I don't want to throw the "dumb" alarm out (large investment 3 years ago, works fine but dropped ADT). I have an output on the back of my alarm panel (simon xt) for an external siren so this looks like it would work. I know I would not have anything but a notification that the mimolite sensor activated but that would be secondary confirmation that something may actually being going on. If not does anyone know of something that would do what I am looking for that works with Iris?
  10. KingBatman

    Cameras in weather extremes

    Here in South Dakota, we have temperatures from -30F to +115F, crazy high humidity, and large amounts of snow/rain/freezing rain. The manual doesn't say anything about operating in extremes. Does anyone have first hand experience?
  11. Hey guys/gals, Many of you have been helping to talk me through some camera issues I've had, the root of the trouble comes down to me having a setup of two routers cascaded on my network. I live in a pretty large house with an addition off the back. My modem comes into my basement in my main house and connects to my WRT1900AC Router (Basement Router), I have Cat5 ran to my addition where my second WRT1900AC Router is placed (ManCave Router). Basement Router issues IP addresses in the range ManCave Router issues IP addresses in the range Iris is connected to my ManCave Router, my cameras are positioned around the house and often are bouncing back and forth between router signals. So essentially my cameras are given two separate IP addresses. This is very inconvenient, especially when they are given a 192 address and my Iris system disowns them. Has anyone had similar issues? What have you done to remedy them? Thank you.
  12. dowg21

    jibo-smart home robot

    Watch the video and see the smart home robot here, Hey, so this has actually been out for awhile and one of my friends pre-ordered one before I could and now they aren't accepting any pre-orders anymore. I know they currently are not working with Iris, but I think it would be a great thing for it, far better then ivee. I was just wondering what people thought about this and if someone was silent in our crowd and already ordered one.