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Found 8 results

  1. The keypad used to beep, notifying you the system was about to go into full alarm when a sensor had been triggered. With the new Hub, this feature went away. Now, the keypad lights up but doesn't beep when a sensor has been triggered and when you forget to check the keypad, the system will go to full alarm without giving you a warning like it used to.
  2. Here is a hopeful sounding excerpt from s.t. support I received, after reporting being absolutely shocked that no keypad from any manufacturer, works with s.t., without a community device handler(other than ADT's and requiring ADT's hub as well). I'm a recent iris convert, and I expressed to them " I'm really happy other devices are working but I was shocked there was no keypad support at all, and said I would buy 3 today, if they would sell them even for just piece of mind". I'm a recent iris convert, that is why you see them mention the iris keypad. ”In regards to your recent inquiry, we are unfortunately not compatible with the any keypad and in specifics the Iris keypad. We have however received numerous requests for these devices to be made compatible so we have sent these requests to our product and development team to see if they can hopefully make these devices compatible in the future. As of right now, there isn't a way to add them to SmartThings and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We want to make this a smooth transition for Iris users so we are trying to make as many devices compatible as possible."
  3. The ARM NOW feature has disappeared. Given the keypad now ignores the silence while arming toggle, it is pretty important to immediately arm the system so the beeping (while arming) doesn't wake the family.
  4. joelh

    Synchronizing Chimes

    I have two keypads and the hub chiming on certain doors opening, but they all chime at different times, so each time a door opens, we hear three separate chimes. Anyone know how to get these in sync? Or to turn off the chime on the hub and/or one keypad? As far as I can tell, at this point, chimes are all or nothing,
  5. pavalov

    Chimes in V1

    V1 question: has anyone figured out a way to get both the hub and the keypad to chime at the same point of input? I.e., when a sensor opens, I can get my hub to chime, or I can get the keyboard to chime, but I can't find a way to get them both to chime at the same input.
  6. Is there any way to determine if all devices are closed from the keypad before arming the system? On my two V2 keypads, the status LED always lights up green. If I force the alarm to arm (push twice), the status LED will flash orange once and then start flashing red. The orange flash is not obvious and the system then proceeds to arm with the open devices bypassed. From another thread, it seems that the status LED should flash orange when there are devices that are still open. Any insights on how I can determine the status of the devices before going ahead and arming the system? Thanks, Oliver
  7. jamesryan

    iris keypad

    anyone else have a lag with the keypad arming and disarming? like a signifigant one. where i have to actually hear the alarm go off for a good 30 seconds before it kicks in.
  8. Smooth1SITF

    Outdoor Garage Door Keypad

    Now that the Garage Door Opener is now in the store and is such a GREAT device, I would like to see them come out with an accessory for it that is a outdoor keypad for the garage door only that also reads the codes of your Contacts in Iris, similar to the door locks, so you can also control outside access. Example, I have a nephew that comes cut the grass when I am at work. I can have him come over and use his own code to open the door, and then I can see it in Iris history, or it can send me a message that he was there (of course pending a magic rule to do so)