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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I seem to be having issues with a new batch of Sylvania/Osram lightify A19 bulbs. I've used the same brand before with no problems, have about 10 in my home. Bought 4 more from Amazon recently and they show up as unsupported devices without the ability to turn them on or off or dim. Never had these issues before, even tried resetting the bulbs. Wonder if I'm going to have to buy a lightify gateway now, maybe to update the firmware, just never needed one before. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. I currently have 6 OSRAM tape lights, with 5 of them in the same room. I'm looking to be able to control all of those devices as if they were one. So I dont have to set the color and brightness for each one individually. I have the ability to turn them all on or off, but not set each of them to 0:255:0 (Green) at 40% brightness with the touch of a button. Am I overlooking something? What have you done with yours to make it easier?
  3. Migrated to V2 on April 5th. None of the light bulbs migrated, so manually repaired them (except one that will not regardless of what support and I have tried). Out of 8 bulbs, two will not stay off or stay dim. They turn on at random times several times a day. Set to dim, back to 100% a few minutes later. One is new; one was on v1. Repaired them several times. Does not matter where they are placed - a foot from the hub, or in lamps where other bulbs work great - these still act randomly. Removed all rules, scenes, schedules, but it still happens. Sometimes they'll respond to the app, other times requires manual toggle of the lamp. Put the "good" bulbs in their lamps and they still work fine. Sometimes this shows in the history, but not always. They are often at unrelated times. Replaced with three more today thinking the others were glitched w/ V2. Two new ones that are "off" have each popped on full bright in the middle of the night. The dimmed one has gone to 100% four times in 3 hours. So, it doesn't appear it was the original light bulbs. The v2 hub seems to reset itself at least once a day (2+ today). I'm not sure why or if it is contributing to these anomalies (times are different, but the hub doesn't keep a historical record so can't say for certain). Other than adding a V2 smart plug in place of a range extender, and adding 2nd v2 plug at the recommendation of support, the device configuration is exactly as it was on V1 which had been stable for a year or more. For the first time in a week, other devices aren't thrashing. If the light bulbs would behave, I would be fairly happy. Tier 1 has been unable to help; still waiting on another call back from Tier 2. In the interim, moving the new bulbs so I can get some sleep. Anyone else experienced this? Are you noticing any type of pattern? I'm assuming this might be a different issue than the one in December, as someone indicated it was resolved.
  4. TrishW

    Osram Lightify

    I have the Iris second gen hub which is paired to a Kwikset lock and nothing else. I bought three Osram A19 bulbs to install with the Iris. They are for the covered front porch where three separate fixtures run off of one indoor switch. The first two paired perfectly and the third would not pair at all. I switched it to different outlets, and still no pairing. I reset the hub, unpaired and repaired the bulbs, and still nothing. I've tried now 6 bulbs in all but only two ever work at a time. Are you limited to how many you can install? Do I need to pay for premium service to use more than 2? I'm really stumped here. I've been using home automation since the advent of the old X-10, so I'm no newby. I'm out of ideas.