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Found 3 results

  1. Darren

    Automatically Lock Door

    Is there a way to have the door locks automatically lock after a certain amount of time. I want to be able to automatically lock a door if it has been unlock for a few hours.
  2. Darren

    Schlage Door Lever

    I am having trouble with the Schlage Door Lever. My PIN works and the buttons on the lock work. It just doesn't work from the app. If I use the lock and unlock buttons on the lock, the app will show the state within a few seconds. If I unlock with PIN, the app will say unlocked but will never go to Locked state even though the door did lock after about 10 seconds. If I Lock or Unlock from app, it says Locking or Unlocking but will never fully lock or unlock on door or in app status Buzz In does not work from the app. It will say it is unlocked, but it will never unlock the lock. In order to reset the app status when it is stuck on Locking, I have to use the lock or unlock buttons on the lock. The rule to unlock when alarm is turned off does not work. I just replaced the batteries. I thought the batteries were good, I was able to pair the lock to the hub and it did a zwave rebuild. About 6 hours later the door wasn't working and said 0 percent battery.
  3. My Kwikset 910 lock disconnected on the 3rd. I checked batteries, reset the lock and the hub, moved the hub next to the lock, and finally got it to connect once. But when I checked the locks card, it told me the device was not supported yet. I reset again, unpaired and repaired, to no avail. Two days later, the lock will not pair with the hub. It functions perfectly in every other way...just not with Iris. Honestly, if I'd wanted that, I could have save $200 and bought a $30 touch pad lock.