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Found 4 results

  1. I know parity issues have been talked about plenty on this forum, but I have a question. So I have two IRIS systems, One is set-up at my business and was bought within the last year so everything is V2. I have had 0 issues with this system since day 1 and everything just works. I also have an IRIS system at my home. I purchased this one back when V1 was out and it worked great up until V2 came out. It has had many issues since the switch but it much better now than it was. My main problem now is window and door sensors as well as smart buttons going offline/online throughout they day, almost everyday. It tends to be a certain set of sensors, some are close to the hub, some are a ways away. Distance doesn't seem to matter. I have lots of smart plugs throughout the house to help with my grid, but it doesn't seem to help either. Usually, they will reconnect by themselves, but sometimes I have to remove/install the battery for it to come back online. I've been dealing with this for many months now until the other day. I brought one of my V2 smart plugs from my business to the house and added it. I'll be danged if my system at the house has been perfect since? Not one dropped sensor. I know it's only been a few days now, but this is the longest everything has stayed online...EVER! Do I need to just buy more V2 sensors and Smart Plugs to keep things running smooth? What's different about the version 2 SP?
  2. rurallaundry

    Updates causing loss of devices

    From what I can gather from my devices, I believe whenever there is an update to the V2.0 hub I am losing between 0 and 3-4 devices. Once I do a hard reboot on the hub they will generally re-join. However this doesn't get me back my sleep from when the motion sensor disconnects and reconnects 3 times overnight triggering the alarm. Apparently when a motion sensor disconnects and reconnects, upon reconnect it triggers motion, which then sets off my alarm at 1am, 1:30am and so on. I would definitely consider this a bug. Yes the battery on all devices is fine and they have been working successfully for months other than these blips. Also, when I lose my keypad but the keypad doesn't know it's been lost, it just says the alarm is "off" so I open the door and set the alarm off waking up my family when I go to work, that's not cool either. We've had other times where we lost both keypads and the only way to disarm was through the android app which my wife didn't have access to, meaning I had to pull over from driving and disarm the system which was screaming at the house. After dealing with the new hub for about 2 months now and having these circumstances recur multiple times I'm about ready to scrap $600 in Iris equipment and go to something less stinky. I haven't updated one of my hubs that I use at my business and I'm glad for that, at the rate Iris is going I can't see ever upgrading it if I'm going to have my business page me at 1am with false alarms once a month or so. I saw the recent e-mail from Iris about all the snazzy fixes they are working on and to just be patient because it's going to be awesome. This is my security system, I don't have time for patience, you people are putting lives and property at risk with your shoddy product. Maybe Lowes should get out of the software industry if you don't belong there, the premature release of the V2.0 hub was likely pushed in order to sell more "smart" things from the Lowes stores. If that's the case I'll bring all my Iris crap in and dump it on the service desk so they can recycle their garbage.
  3. Darren

    Hub offline

    I tried to remove some zwave switches, seemed to almost work, but then hub went offline. Tried to reset by unplugging and plugging back in AC without batteries and now all I get is flashing red, orange, and green lights. Won't go back online.
  4. k9sarva

    System falling offline

    Over the last few days my system has been falling offline, i.e. dropping all the sensors, a msg of Hub not found, alarm armed itself, then unarm 3 times in a row for no reason. The first time I did a hard reset (paperclip for 30 seconds). It booted up normal and went back to work. It did it again so I figured I would throw a range extender at it as a guess. No help. Now it won't find the entender, searching. Reset the extender this morning it it found it (its about 5 ft from the hub) but has since dropped it, searching again. Any thoughts? Brain dead hub? I would hate to have to switch out hubs, I guess I would have to have the new hub refind ALL the sensors throughout the house? That would be a pain. Some kind of system backup/restore would be a nice feature so changing hubs wouldn't be a daunting task. Any help? Danny