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Found 6 results

  1. This morning I got an email from IRIS alerting me of their lame Santa Tracker feature in the IRIS app. It pisses me off that the IRIS app development team is so lame about priorities, and have not spent time delivering the Version 1 parity that they so many times promised. IRIS still has not come close to parity with version 1. I don't need Santa. Give me PARITY or give me DEATH.
  2. cobra427cable

    Reliability issues

    I have two locations I use the IRIS system. The first is at my home and I bought the original V1 system and it worked great up until the conversion to V2. Now while it's much better now than it was when the conversion first happened, I still have sensors all over the house that lose connection and then repair all the time. I've replaced batteries, tried different sensors, and lots of "repeaters" all around the house (smart plugs) Everything in this system is from V1 still. I recently added another system at my business and it's all V2 components. The square footage is smaller, but sensors are still spread out all over the building. This system is very reliable and the sensors are rock solid. I've had only an issue with the siren losing connection off and on so I moved it closer to the hub and haven't had any issues since. What can I do to my home system to make it reliable like my business? Do I really have to go out and buy V2 sensors to make it reliable?
  3. Eckersly

    Orbit Hose Timer

    I bought several Orbit Hose Timers. They all connect to the Hub almost instantly. However, for some reason when three of them pair they pair as an "unknown device." The HUB refuses to recognize them as Orbit Hose Timers and they have no functionality as they are unknown devices. I have disconnected (unpaired), reset them, removed the batteries, etc.. with no luck. They quickly pair each time but show as an Unknown Device. Do I return them or is their some way for to force the Hub to recognize them for what they are? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. k9sarva

    Garage Door Controller

    I finally got my V2 up and running with the exception of the GDC. I've reset it 7 times but the hub doesn't see it. Any suggestions?
  5. While getting help from IRIS tech support tonight, I was informed they've just been told that V1 will be turned off June 30. I expressed surprise since there are parity issues outstanding. She initially said parity would be accomplished by that time. I asked specifically about the following: web UI (she seemed quite firm that this would happen by then, saying: "IRIS Gen 1 won't be turned off without a Gen 2 web UI because some of our customers don't have smart phones.") scheduling for Scenes (says it will happen in time) camera third party software access issues (she wasn't sure about this) V2 hub getting the "voice" back (wasn't sure if technically possible with Gen 2 speaker, but said it was a frequent complaint, and that it would happen if hardware can do it) migration software (says it has become much more stable in last few weeks. She thought my switches, sensors, keypad, plugs and bulbs would migrate well, but that the cameras often lose their programming and need to be re-set). This is faster than I expected, but if accurate, could be good news. I would love to see these issues resolved in this time frame. I am still concerned about instability of V2 hub and device drops.
  6. pavalov

    Sylvania Ultra iQ LED smart bulbs

    How is the functionality of the Sylvania Ultra iQ LED bulbs under V2? I have 10 of them on V1, and they work flawlessly, saving me from having to install IRIS switches or Smart Plugs in their locations. They turn on and off when scheduled, and even turn on at the dimness level they were set on when they were turned off. Does anyone have experience with them on V2? If so, do they have the same functionalities and stability that they have on V1?