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Found 3 results

  1. pappydan

    Need range extender advice

    All my zigbee devices seem to work ok but I have an issue with some zwave devices dropping out. I need a couple devices that will act as repeaters for the zwave protocol. I tried an Aeon zwave repeater but I wasn't able to get it to pair with the iris hub. For one of the repeaters I would be able to use a smart switch but I don't have a neutral in the box. Anyone have any advice?........About ready to scrap Iris and change to smart things. Everything seems to be a hassle with IRis
  2. I am attempting to extend the range of next gen Iris hub by using next gen smart plug. 1st gen contact sensor was out of range on sun porch and would lose connection to hub when placed on sun porch. Initially placed smart plug in adjacent room and tested by cycling it on and off. It responded quickly through several cycles. The sun porch contact sensor performance did not improve. It remained disconnected and unresponsive unless moved closer to the hub. Experimenting further, the smart plug was placed on the sun porch. Its performance did not change. It responded quickly each and every time it was cycled from my smart phone. So the smart plug is communicating with the hub without any problem and is supposed to repeat the signal to the contact sensor which is in the same room with only 5 feet of air between them. Obviously, this is not happening. Can anyone provide any insight on what might be wrong with this scenario?
  3. I think I know the answer but wanted to try. I have 2 smart plugs and 1 range extender (that I finally got working). As I understand it the smart plugs function as extenders (repeaters) but since they have no battery when the power goes out so does most my system (found this out before I got the extender). Even tho I have the extender now if I loose power the smart plugs will still be in the loop and I will have the same issue. First, does that sound logical? Second, is it possible to disable only the repeater part of a smart plug so it simply acts as a smart plug? Thanks for the input.