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Found 8 results

  1. I would like to set a rule to automatically close the garage door if it has been left open for a certain amount of time.
  2. I currently have 6 OSRAM tape lights, with 5 of them in the same room. I'm looking to be able to control all of those devices as if they were one. So I dont have to set the color and brightness for each one individually. I have the ability to turn them all on or off, but not set each of them to 0:255:0 (Green) at 40% brightness with the touch of a button. Am I overlooking something? What have you done with yours to make it easier?
  3. Darren


    I am looking for a rule to turn on a light when the garage door is opened. I can only find a rule to turn on the light if a door sensor is opened, but not the garage door. I am also looking for a rule to notify me if the garage door is opened for a specific amount of time. Again, I can only choose the door sensors, not the garage door. And I am looking for a rule when the security alarm is turned on but a garage door is not closed, close it and send a message. I am allowed to do it for locks but not the garage door. There is also a rule to close the garage door if alarm is turned on, but that is not exactly what I am looking for.
  4. These 2 rules are not working on 2 different systems I manage. Both V2. Locks are not locking when alarm is set and when alarm is not cutting off when PIN is used to unlock the door. All door locks are Schlage BE469's. Locks have been repaired to the systems since the buzz-in upgrade.
  5. brianpetty10

    Rules Question

    Hello, I'm on V2 and I've paired a smart outlet (Iris Brand) and would like to to turn a light on for 10 minutes after I have set my alarm to partial, then turn off. I went into rules, created a bed time rule that shows two rules now (one listed under lights and switches and one listed under Security Alarm), even though I only created one. Both say bed time, when the security alarm is set to Partial, then turn on smart light switch for 10 min. It's not working however. Any ideas why?
  6. Isenberg

    Rules tutorial

    I am using IOS on an Iphone 6. The new tutorials were added recently and they pop-up every time I want to add a rule, or scene, or device. I thought they would only come up once but they continue to come up still. EDIT: there is a radio button on the last page that says "Do not show this again" Thats what I get for just swiping through it, you can delete this thread if you want, sorry.
  7. PGP_Protector

    V1 KeyFob V2 Hub -> Control Lights

    Other than upgrading to the "Premium" version for V2 (not looking at upgrading to Premium on V2 while still using my V1 hub) Can I assign the Buttons of a V1 Key Fob connected to my V2 Hub to turn on / off lights only (i.e. don't arm the system if a given KeyFob is used)
  8. Darren

    Motion detector timer

    I notice that when I am moving around in the garage, the lights turn off. What I think is happening is there is a rule to turn on the lights for 10 minutes, but during that 10 minutes it no longer detects motion and turns off after the 10 minutes are up. Then I have to start moving around for the motion sensor to detect motion for another 10 minutes. It will then turn off again in 10 minutes even though I am moving around during that time. What I would like to happen is if I open the door, it starts the 10 minute countdown, if 5 minutes later the motion sensor detects motion, it will reset the timer to another 10 minutes until 10 minutes after motion stops, then turn off the lights. Is there a way to change that? It might be a battery issue, if the motion sensor is always checking for motion it will burn through the batteries fast. So it only checks for motion every minute for a few seconds. If during that few seconds you are not moving, it assumes there is no movement and stops checking to conserve battery. Might need AC powered motion detectors, or solar rechargeable ones outdoors.