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Found 1 result

  1. Finally got my new Schlage touchscreen dead bolt to work. For those still frustrated it called for putting the iris hub 1 foot from the dead bolt in order to pair. Now I have an issue re: functionality. There are two rules that allow the dead bolt to lock/unlock when setting the Iris security alarm to arm/disarm. When using the rule where you use the keypad to set the alarm is where this issue is. When using the keypad to arm the alarm the deadbolt works perfectly, locking at the end of the warning beeps. However, when disarming there can be as much as a 30 sec delay for the deadbolt to unlock after the system is disarmed.. 30 sec may not sound like a lot unless you're standing outside in -9 degree weather. Is there a way to fix this? I have tried the other rule where the Schlage deadbolt controls arming and disarming the alarm and it works perfectly. However, that means every time you use the deadbolt you also set the alarm. So locking the door at night before going to bed is out.