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Found 2 results

  1. mj333

    Garage Security

    My Iris garage door opener/closer is buggy and tends to fail from time to time. I have rules set for it to close automatically at bed time. It will send a signal and it will beep and flash as it is supposed to but then will not close. The other night my camera caught a recording of someone running out of my garage (it did not get them going in as it appears they saw the camera and snuck around behind it and slid in. They went through my vehicle and left glove compartment and console lid open which is what tipped me off other than the garage door being open in the morning. Any ideas to remedy this or any hacks to trigger the alarm if someone enters my garage? I thought a motion detector would work but I see that they are only good to a certain temperature and would probably drain the battery in the summer and winter. Is there any way to link the Lowes Iris system to the safety beam in the garage?
  2. I just logged into IRIS from my computer and took a look at the stream from my was NOT my house in the video! I then opened the mobile app, and again, it was someone else's house! This is unacceptable to be crossing accounts like this. Has anyone else had an issue like this? I will be dropping iris cameras and going with a more reliable solution and will be looking for a refund on the camera. If I can see in someone else's house, then someone else is likely viewing mine. This is terrible, and is making me rethink the quality of the entire system! Is this YOUR house?