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Found 5 results

  1. Wondering what the possibility of a BLINK CCTV integration with IRIS is.... Any thoughts?? Looking like they have a functioning integration with SmartThings
  2. Smartthings allows you to control multiple lights using 1 GE switch (i.e. I can flip the porch light switch on and both the porch light and the garage light will come on, very handy as you can make groups of inside and outside lights then use Echo to turn them on/off if you like). Is this possible something like this with Iris? I would prefer to have the lights on the Iris system for the alarm but Iris is not making the case for it.
  3. Enzo

    ST Arrival History

    From the album: Screen Shots

    Screen shot of History showing SmartThings Arrival sensor logs.
  4. Otto Mation

    Water Leak Sensors

    Since the V2 hub is now compatible with SmartThings sensors, I thought it would be best to have a thread dedicated to the water leak sensors. As I posted in another thread, I bought and tested a SmartThings moisture sensor with the Iris V2 hub. It makes sense that they work together because CentraLite makes our V2 hub and the SmartThings devices. If you go to the CentralLite website you can see all of the systems that these devices are compatible with. One of them being PEQ. It looks like the PEQ moisture sensors are the same as the SmartThings sensors with a different cover on them. I was able to locate a detailed picture of the PEQ sensor and the bottom appears to be identical to the SmartThings and CentraLite sensors, even the FCC numbers. As long as they have the same firmware, they should also work for us. The PEQ sensors can be found on the internet at a much lower price than the SmartThings sensors. Does anyone happen to have a PEQ sensor that they can test with a V2 hub? PEQ sensor followed by the SmartThings sensor
  5. Looks like Samsung is moving in to the Smarthome world quickly.