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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, I just realized that Echo now works with Iris, and I'm elated. I just set it up and love the thermostat integration. But is there a way to ask Alexa what the temperature is? Did I miss something? I know that Alexa knows the value, as when I say "turn up the thermostat 2 degrees", it responds with a specific number it turned it to. How do I ask what the temp is? Thanks! Jason
  2. Is 2.0 going to be able to create graphs of the temperatures of the sensors? I use that to monitor temperatures in mailbox, fridge, garage etc.
  3. I am wanting to monitor the temperature of the inside of the night house for some primates. Basically need to be able to see the temp with the app, and also have it send messages, do actions based on temperature getting to high or to low. Example would be if the temperature goes below 65 degrees I would like to get push notifications and possibly ring my alarm or it can turn on a dedicated outlet that I could plug a buzzer into... This will be inside of a night house, but it is not climate controlled like would be in your house. It is more like a dog house would be.. Shelter and heat in the winter, but high humidity in the summer. Can anyone give me a suggestion as to the best Iris Compatible device for this?
  4. Scott3Boy

    Advanced Range Extender

    It would be great to have a range extender that was universal... Say range extend, speaker, motion, outlet, and perhaps temperature all built into one device?