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Found 12 results

  1. cpcortez


    I have a Fuhitsu split air conditioner, and I was wondering if there is a IRIS compatible thermostat that would be able to control the A/C unit. I was hoping to find something that would replace the remote control. Greatly appreciate any feedback. :) thanks
  2. Craiggu

    Connecting ct101 with echo

    I just installed two radio thermostat ct101 thermostats. I have tried pairing them with Alexa and have had no luck. In the echo app I have the iris skill installed. Any tips?
  3. For sale: 7-Day Touch Screen Programmable Thermostat Item # 388565 / Model # CT-101. In good working condition with installation guide, wall plates, mounting hardware. $35
  4. Hi, I thought I posted this last week, but I do not find it, so I am posting again. I called IRIS this morning about a problem where grandpa and the kids keep changing the thermostat. I set a rule to notify me of a change if the temperature goes above 72 degrees. But it does not always work. IRIS tech had me set up another today, one at 72, the other at 74. THey advised there is a 2 degree change required for a trigger. THis should fix that, BUT, I want a notification if someone changes the temperature at the thermostat. Is this something you can provide?
  5. Jirish

    CT101 Thermostat and Alexa

    This question is for those of you with Alexa and CT101 thermostat. What type of control is possible with Alexa? Is it just inc/dec temperature setting or will it allow control of mode, fan only, etc.? The CT101 has been reduced to $59.99 which seems to be the lowest price available for a smart thermostat. I have had a CT101 for a couple of years and it was problematic early on but has been stable for the past 6 months. I have 2 locations with Iris and CT101 at 1 of the locations but need a smart thermostat at 2nd location. Trying to decide whether to save pennies and purchase another CT101 or go with wifi thermostat (possibly compatible with Iris). Any comment would be much appreciated.
  6. I have a 1st Gen thermostat and a Gen 2 Hub. Over the past two months, I've experienced several cases where the thermostat won't respond to temperature adjustments made via the app or where manual temperature settings on the thermostat don't appear on the app. For example, if I want the heater to come on, I'll raise the temperature on the app. The app will look like it's sending the request but after about 30 seconds, the previous temperature setting will appear and the heat doesn't come on. When this happens, the only way to adjust the thermostat is to do it manually. Last night, my son set it manually at the thermostat for the AC to come on but the app didn't show this change, so in effect the AC was running when the temperature inside was already below the setting showing on the app. It took about a dozen attempts on the app before the thermostat finally recognized my command to turn off the AC. I do have a range extender but the thermostat is well within range of the hub even without an extender. Two months ago while we were away during Thanksgiving. I noticed that even though I had set the thermostat to minimize run time, it had reverted back to its daily schedule and was heating the home when no one was there. When I got home, I took out the batteries, did a hard reset, deleted the thermostat from the app and hub, and repaired with new batteries. Apparently that worked for about 6 weeks. The batteries in the thermostat are good. I've logged out of the app and back in. I've even deleted and re-installed the app. No success. The firmware on my hub is V2.0.2.016. My iPhone app version is 1.15.1. I've had lots of issues since the hub "upgrade" with sensors losing signal, batteries running down faster, and now a thermostat that seems to need resetting/repairing every month. I've had IRIS for several years but I'm ready to admit this was a bad purchase.
  7. Hello all, I just realized that Echo now works with Iris, and I'm elated. I just set it up and love the thermostat integration. But is there a way to ask Alexa what the temperature is? Did I miss something? I know that Alexa knows the value, as when I say "turn up the thermostat 2 degrees", it responds with a specific number it turned it to. How do I ask what the temp is? Thanks! Jason
  8. riotrob1

    Honeywell 171234

    So I made the mistake of shopping for 2 new thermostats for the house that could be controlled by Iris. Since they were on sale I went with the Honeywell #171234 like listed on the Lowes website under Thermostats for Iris. After installing both of them, I learned that they don't actually work with Iris at all. Anyone have any luck setting these up with Iris or know when they maybe supported? I called support and they said they will eventually be added. I asked why they showed up as supported devices and no one had an answer and suggested I take them back and get something different. Love the thermostats and they work great through TotalConnect but really was trying to get Iris suported devices like noted here,!/?categories=5 see item #171234 Any help would be awesome.
  9. Greg Jones

    Thermostat Schedule Issues

    I have 7 Radio Thermostats on my V2.0 system along with the latest 1.8 IOS version. My hub version is 0.53. I spent almost 2 hours with tech support yesterday trying to understand why my schedules do not run on any of these thermostats. One issue that was found was that even though my app showed the scheduled enabled, when support looked at it the thermostat schedule was showing as disabled. We went through several troubleshooting ideas to resolve the issue and thought that the hub finally had the schedules enabled. Unfortunately, it didn't stick and now none of my schedules are operating for my thermostats. I wonder if this is related to the fact that I have 5 thermostat scheduled disabled and the schedule is enabled on only 2 of the thermostats. Seems like support has no idea how to resolve this issue. Anyone else seeing this problem? Greg

    CT101 Thermostat E wire

    I have thr CT101 thermostat. I looked over the wiring diagrams and mine is not listed. I have a heat pump with emergency heat strips. My old Honeywell thermostat has all the expected terminals plus an E terminal. So I don't know how to hookup emergency heat on the CT101. My old thermostat also has a B/O terminal with an orange wire on it. How does that translate to the CT101? O is for energized on cool I think and the opposite for B but mine are combined.
  11. I have a CT-101 thermostat that I don't need anymore. It worked fine, but I had a new system installed that came with a really nice wi-fi thermostat (Carrier Infinity, if you must ask - nice!). So my Iris thermostat is no longer needed. Asking $50, or will consider a trade for other Iris stuff. I have the manual and optional backing plate, but no box.
  12. I just started used auto mode with a schedule using simple on my thermostat now that the weather is in flux. I have the schedule setup (seems pretty straightforward) but the active setpoints don't always match the schedule. For instance, I have it scheduled for 80 cool and 55 heat from 8am to 5pm but the thermostat setpoints are 80 cool and 62 heat. If I toggle the advanced and simple tabs then the setpoints do change to reflect the schedule but when the next time fence is reached, it changes the setpoints but again slightly off from the schedule. Any thoughts?