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Found 3 results

  1. Clyde15

    Camera Time Stamp bug - again

    After daylight standard time began, the time stamp on my cameras is off by an hour. This happened in spring with the switch to daylight savings time also. In spring, Iris fixed the problem in an update. Will this be fixed soon? Or is it possible for the users to fix this?
  2. Problem: When setting up a schedule, the time cannot be changed. The popup window is displayed and user can select a new time, but it is never saved. Solution: Be sure the clock on the device being used is set to the 12 hour clock, not the 24 hour clock.
  3. Darren

    Camera recording

    I would like to have local SDXC card reader to record the files to and have the ability to start recording several seconds before motion began. SDXC Card data is good in case the network goes down. At least the video files will be stored locally. I also like the ability to keep my own archive of several GB of video's without having the data going through the network and using up the servers to the point they want to delete the files. (max # of videos allowed) I can set it to overwrite oldest files over 28 GB and have a 32 GB card in there. As for recording maybe 5 seconds before motion started is good to make sure you get all the motion as there is a time delay between when the motion is detected to when it starts recording. Sometimes someone walks past my mailbox and opens the door but doesn't stop walking. But video shows nothing, its like it recorded a ghost. Even if the mailman opens the door, drops off the mail, closes the door and drives away and all I got was the back bumper of the mail truck for 1/2 second (If I get anything).