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Found 2 results

  1. ShaunWilliams

    Home Voice Control

    I know they system can be voice controlled from a phone app. But i think it would be great if there were some sort of wireless or plug in microphone that was passively listening for key words so you can control devices. For example, i could say 'Wake up Iris' then it would accept a command like 'lower temperature 3 degrees' or 'Turn on alarm'. This would not only allow you to really interact with they system in a great way, but the future possibilities are endless. Using speech recognition to communicate with your home is something i have been looking to create for a while. but Iris has the base hardware/software already in place.
  2. checkert

    Remote Speaker

    It would be really nice if Iris could offer a remote speaker. Explanation; Currently, all messages from the Iris system come out of the speaker in the Hub. The issue is that in many situations, the hub is not right next to the most commonly used door in the home / business. The issue arrises when you attempt to arm the system from a keypad and the hub starts talking telling you that a sensor is open and the system cannot be armed. Well, when the hub is upstairs in the kitchen, and my front door is downstairs on the other side of the house, I can tell that Iris is talking, but cannot hear what she is saying. However; if there were a wireless remote speaker, or even a remote speaker which requires 110 volts, I could simply place it on the small table next to my door, plug it in, and then when the system starts talking to me, I could hear it. This same issue is also annoying when i come in and disarm the system. It gives me a tone telling me that it received my input to disarm, but the system is still beeping at me. Now....Iris says something when I disarm, but i have never been able to hear it as the hub is so far away (for best internet reception). Just a thought. Please comment, or advise. Thanks, checkert