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Found 4 results

  1. thegillion

    Zwave maps

    Well, I know on the portal now you can get a zwave network map. If you have one post it here. I would love everyone's help in decoding them. Things that I know 001 = Hub thicker line have more bandwidth
  2. pappydan

    Need range extender advice

    All my zigbee devices seem to work ok but I have an issue with some zwave devices dropping out. I need a couple devices that will act as repeaters for the zwave protocol. I tried an Aeon zwave repeater but I wasn't able to get it to pair with the iris hub. For one of the repeaters I would be able to use a smart switch but I don't have a neutral in the box. Anyone have any advice?........About ready to scrap Iris and change to smart things. Everything seems to be a hassle with IRis
  3. Anyone else noticing a huge lag when turning on or off GE z-wave devices since the last update? MIne are crazy slow. It may be all Z wave I am not sure. The V2 smart plugs work fine but I am assuming they are controlled off of ZigBee. Garage door controllers are hit and miss but are working with out lag mostly. I have not messed with the thermostats as I am afraid it may break them........
  4. UpstatePirate

    Ge switches

    I took advantage of a big sale and stocked up on Jasco switches/dimmers/fan controllers at lowes. I am getting them installed but I have a problem with one. My front porch light won't turn off when the switch is off. Pertinent details I have tried the binary on off switch and the new dimmer that requires a neutral. The power source is at the fixture, but I can rewire it to come from the switch if necessary. I tried using a CFL originally, which flickered at 60hz and switched to a dimmable LED which gets slightly dimmer when off. I have gotten answers ranging from the switch is bad to a neutral is crossed with a hot somewhere, but I can't find anyone at my local store who knows anything about integration or automation... Any thoughts?