Hacking Iris Devices
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So, I feel that if you Google something enough, you'll either discover what you need to know. Either by accumulated knowledge, or by running across someone that has done it.


This person has done an incredibly thorough job discovering, documenting, and sharing information about the semi-proprietary ZigBee \ Iris communications.


This is all in date order.


Enjoy folks! (remember, this isn't my blog, kudos to him!)


Hacking Iris ZigBee.


Arduino and the Iris ZigBee Switch


Raspberry Pi and the Lowe's Iris Smart Switch


Using the Iris Smart Switch to Measure Appliance Power


My Freezer and the Iris Smart Switch, Measuring Power


Taking apart the Iris Smart Switch


Background about ZigBee \ XBees and "Compliance"


Hacking Into The Iris Door Sensor (Contact Sensor)

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