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This info is given to the iris server on app boot. I dont know what it is used for. 


{"type":"person:AddMobileDevice","headers":{"destination":"SERV:person:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX","correlationId":"2763e649-638f-4b4c-95e6-34eb022fa1e6","isRequest":true},"payload":{"messageType":"person:AddMobileDevice","attributes":{"formFactor":"XXXHDPI","phoneNumber":"1231231234","deviceIdentifier":"XXXXXXXXXX","appVersion":"1.13.0","osType":"Android","lastLatitude":1.0,"osVersion":"REL : 6.0.1","deviceModel":"SM-G930V","resolution":"1440 X 2560","deviceVendor":"samsung","notificationToken":"XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX","lastLongitude":1.0}}}

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