Temperature Based Rules Issues
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I have couple of rules setup to turn fans on/off during night time based on a specific temperature. The rules do appear to trigger fine if the temperature hits during the schedule. However, if, for example, my rules is to turn the fan on when sensor temperature goes above 73 between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. and the temperature is already above 73 before 8 p.m. the rule never runs. I would expect a check to happen at the activation time.


Other issues with temperature/thermostat:


Temperature gets randomly set to Auto range which I do not have specified anywhere when my home mode changes and scene runs (I have it set to hold 72) but when home scene runs it would get set to Auto 70-73 or 68-78. Happened a couple of times now.


Also, sometimes I look in history and it says thermostat has been switched to xyz, but when I look at the actual values they are different.


I'm fairly happy with the rest of the system at this point and don't have any disconnect/unresponsiveness issues, but the Thermostat/Temperature stuff needs a lot of work! 

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