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On 4/26/2017 at 4:09 PM, loonytim said:

I too am very happy with my ST install in my home.   I'm 'meh about my IRIS setup in my office.  Its been working as long as I don't pay much attention to it.  

For example, I went to test my 5 First Alert smoke/CO detectors on Tuesday...  I tested each one, and 4 of 5 went from battery level "OK" to "0%" and then started beeping to have the batteries replaced.  -- I replace them about every 3 months.   Not a single alert until after I tested them, then the emails came.  

Tuesday I also disconnected a smart-plug that had a small heater attached to it.  Thursday morning I got an alert that it had been disconnected from the system. 

They're small things...  Until they're not.  

I have been slowly migrating my office away from relying on IRIS.  My cameras are now a stand-alone unit.  My thermostats are now stand-alone units.  I use IRIS for door locks, lighting control and a motion controlled alarm at this point.   I do feel that they have been making some progress, just not in the areas that are important to me.   oh well. 

I don't think your going to have any better luck with the First Alert Smoke/CO detectors on SmartThings it seems those devices sleep the home automation communications until an event occurs to save battery so SmartThings won't likely know their true battery level until either you test them manually or there is smoke or CO detected.  As for alerting Iris alerts automatically about any offline devices or low batteries although slowly.  With SmartThings you need to set that alerting up yourself as you add devices so it is easy to forget to add it for new devices however you can set it up to alert you as soon as you want.  I have both systems and love many of the features of both but there are some issues that you can't fix without spending more on devices like the Halo Smoke/CO detectors or Nest detectors which will self test and report low batteries before the device starts beeping at 2am or when you remember to push the manual test button.

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