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What are the chances that an app can be created to at least arm/disarm the system from a smart watch?


Haha.... We have an alarm system that doesn't work at all if the internet goes out right now, and it doesn't even let you know about it. V2 still doesn't do things V1 did, and you want a smart watch interface....


Seriously though, I think the problem is smart watches are still sort of a curiosity rather than main stream though. So getting them to dedicate resources to something like that probably isn't going to happen.

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If Iris played nice with Apple/Siri, I would be so happy.


Apple's "Home" app for Homekit looks promising. I would love to be able to control my home with my watch.


"Hey Siri, say goodnight"  doors lock, lights shut off, garage door locks, and alarm sets.  Yes please.

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I too would like to see smart watch integration.

But maybe an easier way to achieve this is an Amazon Alexa app

that could run on your watch and be able to use all the commands

and skills that Alexa has through your watch.

I can do two-way audio between my watch and phone by BT,

and I believe also via Wi-Fi but I haven't tried that.

So maybe all that is needed is a way to pass audio to/from the watch

to an app on your connected phone that can control Iris the way that

the Alexa Iris skill can. But currently Alexa can't arm/disarm the

system or control locks either I think I have heard some of you comment.

If you have a stand alone watch like the Samsung S3 Frontier 4G then

it is pretty much the same as a smart phone since it can originate

and receive phone calls on its own with no connection to a smart phone

and needs its own cell number and account.

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