Sound Activated Recording
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This could be a really great feature for a number of reasons! The city of Chicago has sound sensors for gunfire. Cameras activate and dispatch is notified.

My thinking is if you ever had to defend yourself or family in your home with a firearm, the sound could activate your cameras. This could also be used for outside cameras that could capture the perpetrator of a shooting in front or back of your house or business.

I don't think that the new cameras have Mics from what I can tell. So I guess it would have to be an add on device. Just have it be able to pick up a certain sound frequency. It wouldn't be hard.

Many people on here might think this is a crazy idea; but put it in front of firearm owners and I guarantee they would be all over it. If this was marketed right, it would be a great seller. If you are a law abiding firearm owner, you would want this device to prove that the shooting was justified God forbid you ever had to use your firearm. Or it could help police catch someone who used a firearm near your house or business.

Maybe even setup to record from the sound of a car accident!

I want one!

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