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You mean like in V1? I asked something similar as I came home one day and opened the garage to put the motorcycle away and realized I didn't disarm the alarm, then realized it didn't seem to matter as the alarm didn't go off anyways. Seems V2 no longer uses the the garage door controllers as a security device. IIRC when I asked about this on here, I was told it had to do something with licensing with these devices and Lowes?


Doesn't really help you with rules and such, but for alarms, other people were use tilt senors, some people were using contact sensors on a hinge. In my case, that particular day the alarm was only on partial because I left the dog out. I do have a camera inside the garage too, so I just added that camera as a security device in the under partial as well.


The long term solution though is Lowes really just needs to make the garage door controllers function the way they did in V1.

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