Interesting idea of future Smart Home security
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I have a raspberry pi that acts as a Tor router.  I have never tried to hook my Hub up to it.  I always thought it would slow it down too much.  I actually don't use the router for anything and it isn't even plugged in.  I just did it as a weekend project once.

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"....while routing the traffic over Tor’s network of thousands of volunteer computers...."

Seems to me that any of your traffic that passes through their network is subject to being

accessed by their computers. If the encryption is cracked then they have access to everything

going to/from your so-called 'hidden' hub. Hidden from the average Joe maybe, but not everyone.

I don't know about you but I have less faith in an army of unknown 'volunteers' and their machines

than I do in a name and face that I can connect to poor performance or security flaws. We all rail

against the lack of V1 parity and no local processing and other complaints and concerns because we

can. Meaning we know who to bitch to. If your system is supported by pack of hackers working out

of their basement in Russia or China who ya gonna call?

No thanks. I want a secure system but I don't think that's the way to get it.

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