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Not sure if this was already noted elsewhere, but I'm going to file (maybe a duplicate report) this under 'Bug Reports' instead of the 'Parity' section.


I just got finished adding two additional Z-Wave switches that involved carrying around the hub with a powerline adaptor to pair with those switches.  When pairing was complete I put the hub back where it normally is, plugged in the network cable first, then the DC power.  Almost immediately I get a push notification that the hub has restored power, but I didn't get the original 'lost power' push.  This was because I initially unplugged the network cable first, then removed the DC power.  Subsequent removal of power with the network cable plugged in produced the 'loss power' as well as the 'power restored' push when re-plugged in.


Also note during this loss of network period, device trigger instances (like contact open/close events) are not being reported either after network restoral.


I understand that there is no local processing, but IRIS V2 really needs to queue up events (say, 200 events) and push them through when the network is restored.  This stuff is critical when it comes to alarms due to safety implications.


IRIS V1 did this properly.

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