Repeat button hidden in schedule setup
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I was setting up a new rule last night and when I went to schedule the rule I didn't seem to have the option to repeat the rule.  It was late I was tired so I just went to bed.  This morning I looked at it more closely and I realized the repeat button is hidden behind the save button.  I have to slide up the screen to see it.  There is plenty of screen so no need to have it back behind the other button.  Thsi must have started recently, maybe this last revision , but I am not sure as it has been a while since I set up a new rule. Anyone else seeing this? 

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This happens to me as I had mentioned a few days ago on just about
any rule I try to create. I have a screen shot saved but for some
reason I can not upload photos to this forum. I have no trouble
doing so on other forums. The computer I use most is running
Windows 8.1 and IE11 which are kept up to date, but it happens on

my Win7 Pro and Windows 7 desktop machines too.



Update: 9/9/16 I just tired creating a new rule and the place where I am

seeing part of the text hidden is different than what is described here.

For me it occurs after creating the rule and the first time SAVE is pressed.

Then the white 'SCHEDULE NEW RULE' dialog box pops up overlaid on

the rule creation page. At the bottom below DO NOT SCHEDULE there is

some text but you can't make out what it says because only the very top

of the first line of text is visible. But it appears to say:


   By scheduling a rule you can control


That's my best guess as to what it says, can't read the next line if there is

one but the sentence does not appear to be finished so I guess there is at

least one more line below this. Not able to scroll this up or down to read

more. This is on a Galaxy Note 3, Android 5.0

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Gotcha, I can replicate this on iOS and you're right there is a lot of real estate so the repeat option needs to be moved up.

Scunny, can you see if this does the same thing on your android?

It does not and Otto has already sent it to the team and they're aware of it.

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