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I have two cats and am a widower and I many times have to work late and when I come home, my cats are hungry and "circling the wagons" wanting me to feed them.

I was trying to come up with a solution to have a remote dry cat food feeder that would work with Iris.

I finally found one...It's the "Super Feeder"...they make cat and fish pond feeders. Since I didn't need the timer they sell, I ordered their CSF3 feeder and a large hopper which added 1.8 gallon capacity of dry food.

Don't waste your money on any of the other "feeders" out there made by Petsafe, etc...they are junk and can easily be tricked to dispense by the cat or a raccoon.

The Super Feeder can be set to cycle (feed) for a set just needs to be turned off for about a minute to be reset for another feed cycle.

Here's how I now feed my cats using Iris and my Android phone:

1. My cat's bowl is under my carport. I had an old clothes dryer vent on carport wall that was capped off.

2. Inside the house in my laundry room, I have a spare refrigerator where the clothes dryer used to sit.

3. Above this refrigerator is a standard kitchen cabinet.

4. I cut a hole in the bottom of the kitchen cabinet for a 2" PVC pipe to attach to the Super Feeder.

5. This 2" pipe goes behind the refrigerator and exits out of the old dryer vent with the cat food bowl placed under it on the carport.

6. The Super Feeder is housed inside of the kitchen cabinet out of sight. Since I was using the large extension hopper on top of the feeder, I cut a hole in the top of the cabinet to connect the super feeder to hopper. All you see looking at it is the hopper on top of kitchen cabinet.

7. I then plugged the Super Feeder into an Iris Smart Plug.

8. Now when I am away from home working late, on vacation, too lazy to get out of bed to feed, or whatever, I just turn ON the Smart Plug and the Super Feeder dispenses dry cat food into the PVC pipe and it falls down the pipe into the bowl outside on the carport.

9. After the Super Feeder goes thru its dispensing cycle, I turn OFF the Smart Plug, wait one minute for the Super Feeder to reset for another cycle, then I can turn it ON again to dump more food if I so choose.

This setup has worked flawlessly for 2 months now.

For those of you cat owners needing a solution to feed your pets remotely, this is the best solution I have found and I no longer have to pay someone to come over and feed my kitties if I'm away.

I just wish there was some way now to feed canned food for my kitties as they do like their canned food treats. LOL


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I just went through this and decided on a cheaper option which seems to work for us,  In our case It was more about limiting the amount of food we gave our cat.   I bought one of the feeders that rotates and opens.  It gives her small portions in hourly increments.   If we don't the cat gobbles down her food and them throws it all back up a short time later. 


In my research I considered the super feeder as it had great reviews, but it was kind of expensive.  Does it seem like it can drop small portions like it claims?  I will keep this in mind as being able to control it through Iris would be nice, as the setup on this feeder I have is a bit of a pain.  Sounds like you have a nice solution.

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Believe me, I can't tell you how much money I have wasted on pet feeders over the last 40+ years trying to find a solution to feeding pets while away. I could have bought several of the Super Pet feeders if I had the money I wasted on other AC & battery operated pet feeders. "Lockpick" cats can always find a way to defeat or tear up the various cheaper auto pet feeders on the market. Raccoons will tear them up if outside.


Yes, the Super Pet Feeder will indeed drop small portions like it claims--you set this amount yourself. I am now 7 months into using this system and it has worked flawlessly--so nice to feed pets as much as I like through Iris or Wink.


If you call up the owner of the pet feeder company periodically he will have "blemished" models that he sells at a discount. I just bought another blemished model to put up town at my business to feed the alley cat that I can't catch to neuter.


You can just buy the "bare bones" $113.00 cat feeder Model #CSF-3 without all the extras like bowl etc. and rig up extension tubes from PVC pipe or whatever to hold more food.


These are for dry food only, but I have been in contact with a young student that is working on a WET canned food dispenser that will work much like a Keurig coffee brewer.


Good luck--any questions feel free to ask.

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I saw this video today and looked like the guy used a super feeder to build a feeder for his cat that makes him go out and find RFID tagged balls and bring back to it to get fed.  I bet something like this could be done pretty easy with IRIS, use a contact sensor or motion sensor, smart plug, and Super feeder. 


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I purchased one WOPET A36 feeder because I finally got tired of my two pushy, food-motivated cats waking me up to be fed on weekend mornings. I only wish I had purchased it earlier! It has worked great for the six months I’ve had it, though I did make a couple of modifications to it so it better serves my needs.

The food tray that comes with the feeder was too small to accommodate both of my large cats eating at the same time, so I removed it and placed a square melamine tray under the feeder instead. This way, both cats have room to eat and the lip of the tray keeps the food from being scattered across the floor when it’s dispensed.

I also placed a piece of black duct tape over each of the two empty spaces at the bottom of the feeder where the food tray would normally snap in. Pieces of food were getting stuck in these crevices and it would frustrate the cats when they were unable to dislodge the pieces. Since I added the tape, this hasn't been a problem.

I live in an 800 sq. ft. apartment, so I can hear the low noise made by the motor when it's dispensing food, as well as the louder sound of the food hitting the tray. I stopped noticing the sounds after the first few days of use, and though I am a heavy sleeper, this hasn't bothered any overnight guests so far. My cats recognize the sound of the motor engaging and they will race to the feeder when they hear it, so I don't use the voice recording function.

The cats haven’t been able to get any food out of the feeder when it's not in use, despite their best efforts. One cat still tries to break into it sometimes and will unplug the cord from the back of the feeder. This is where the battery backup feature comes in handy!

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