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This is way off topic but I've been participating in this forum for a while now and after starting to look at other forums like the Sonos community, I have to say I really enjoy the helpful attitude and lack of fighting, bullying, or sarcastic replies here.  I have seen a few conversations here that have gotten a little heated or where one individual got a little pushy, but never the number of sarcastic, misleading and rude replies they seem to get on the Sonos community.


Don't get me wrong, there are people trying to be helpful on the Sonos community too, there just seems to be a few immature individuals in most of the conversations going on there.  Just one example:


Also the layout of this community and tracking of what conversations I have already looked at or commented on is so much easier to navigate than many of the forums out there like the Sonos and Harmony communities.  One thing I do like about the Sonos and Harmony communities is they are hosted by the vendors so they seem to get more attention from the technical staff who may be able to address the issues however in many cases they don't seem to monitor them enough to discourage the sarcastic behavior.  It helps that recently we have one employee who sometimes reviews posts here as well however it is obvious that is not their only responsibility.


Thanks to those who run this community, and to all the helpful people who contribute.

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