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For about the last month I have been getting duplicate push notifications for every notification I receive.  I searched this forum to see if anyone else was experiencing the same but, did not find any.  I also have an apple watch on OS3.   After looking on the support page of Lowes Iris I found the following,


Manage which devices receive push notifications through the app

Step 1: From the dashboard, go to the upper-left navigation menu (≡) > Settings > Profile > Push Notifications.

Step 2: You'll see each smart device's operating system and their make and/or model that Iris push notifications are going to. Scroll down and up to review the list.

Step 3: To stop sending a device push notifications, tap Edit, then tap on the pink minus button next to the device you want to stop sending push notifications to.


I found that my device (iPhone6s Plus) was listed twice.  I have removed the second instance.  This has fixed my issue.  I hope it helps others as well.

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