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This thread will be locked and pinned because it is not meant as a platform for debate about how updates are rolled out but rather how to handle your system when outages occur.  The Iris team is working hard to squash bugs and improve stability and various parts of the system are being updated over time.  Many times these updates go unnoticed by the end user.  There is currently no way to allow the end user to control when updates are applied because of the many parts of the system.  There are device drivers, device firmware, hub firmware, the platform, the database and the apps all of which require updates and fixes.  


When you do experience an outage, do not attempt to reboot your hub, un-pair or reset devices, pair new devices, edit existing or create new scenes and rules.  Doing so can generate more problems with your system.  The best thing to do is to check here on the forum or on the IrisByLowes website for updates on the issue and wait for updates on the progress being made by the team in correcting the issue.  

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