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I would like to be able to set a priority on what happens in a scene.  Specifically in my away scene.  I currently have a two scenes I run when leaving the house in the morning.  One is if both my wife and myself are gone and the other is if one of us is still home.  Sometimes I leave before my wife sometimes she before me.


In each case the first thing I want to happen is the garage doors to close.  Many mornings I have to sit and wait to make sure something is happening, because sometimes nothing does.  I don't care if the rest of the scene takes a minute, but I want the garage doors to close right away.  I can then head on to work and I can check later if everything did what it was supposed to.  On mornings I leave early, before sunrise,  when I open the garage door the outside lights come on.   On those days I have a good indicator the scene started because the lights will start to turn off.  I would rather the first thing be the garage door.


Yesterday I pressed the favorite on my app to run the away scene.  I checked and made sure the scene started in the history, as it was later in the day and no outside lights to indicate it had started .  Many times even though it looks like I pressed the button in the app nothing happens.  I then have to shut down the app and restart and then things will start working again.


So after making sure the scene started I started on to work.  I can see my garage door for quite ways down the road from my house.  I was watching in the rear view mirror and when I was just about to lose sight of the door it still had not closed.  I had to stop and go into the app, go to the device and close it from there.  It then closed, it may have eventually closed on it's own but I did not want to take that chance.. 


This morning I hit the away button and the garage started closing in about 20 seconds.  It was just enough time from me pressing the scene button in the app and waiting that I looked at the app to make sure it started the scene, and when I looked back the garage door was starting to close.  Still a bit too long as I would like for it to be the first thing.  According to the history a couple of the inside lights were shut off first.


Ideally I would like more confidence everything that it is supposed to happen is going to happen, but right now I don't have that confidence.

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