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I have a spare room on the first floor of my house that I'm putting a treadmill and several home cleaning robots and their chargers.  These items would be plugged into different outlets on different walls.  I want the treadmill power connected only when using it, and due to the power requirements of the treadmill (400-1500 watts) and their being on a shared circuit - I'd like to ensure the robot power chargers (some of which can also use up to 1000 watts) get turned off whenever the treadmill is on.  Possibly, I may want the chargers to only run for a few hours each night.


There are no existing light or 3 way switches in the room-- the original home buyer purchased the house to flip it and opted to skip putting lighting/etc in most of the rooms - very frustrating to fix but I'm slowly getting around to it.


I've thought of putting both the treadmill and chargers on separate iris smart switches, and also have a smart button next to the treadmill - configure iris magic rules to switch power between the chargers and treadmill.    


Is this something that might work? Or, am I over thinking things?

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