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I had been using the Duraflame Heater to warm up the cold tile in the bathroom before waking up. The unit just wasn't blending in enough for this location, so I made a few mods to make it disappear into the background. The stain was still wet but I may have to work on matching it better.











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Looks good.  My only concern would be since it is on a tub, water spilling over into it or splashing into it somehow.  Did you wire it in to a GFI outlet?

I have a similar tub and there is a gfi outlet behind my side panel.  The reset is in the neighboring closet since I can't access behind the tile sidewall of the tub.  I would think he might have a gfi outlet already in that area.

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Where does you intake air come from. I don't see a louver

or opening under the tub to bring in air to be heated.

There is plenty of air under there, I put rubber spacers on all the panels so you don't notice.

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