Blue Iris Now Has Alexa Integration

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For those of you that are using Blue Iris for a 3rd party camera interface the latest version ( now provides Alexa integration.  I copied the following from the help section:

Amazon Echo

Most Amazon Echo home automation integration requires a solution provider to establish a dedicated central web server. However, the Blue Iris model has always been private, local control without a central-server requirement--your video and system control commands never pass through a third-party server and no Internet connection is required. Therefore in order to get Amazon Echo to talk to your Blue Iris PC directly, we have had to implement this functionality via device emulation--there are a few home automation devices with which Echo can communicate directly, such as the Philips Hue lighting systems and WeMo devices, and Blue Iris will appear to Echo as one of these.

To get started, you should have your Echo and your Blue Iris PC on the same LAN. If you have multiple subnets (routers), the Echo and your PC should be configured in such a way that they are visible to each other on the network. In addition to basic control of the traffic signal icon and profile#, you may choose to add individual camera control as well--please see the Amazon Echo setting on each camera's properties pages.

Next, use the Connect to Amazon Echo button on Options/Mobile devices. This will make your PC discoverable by the Echo device via UPNP technology. You will be notified once the Echo is able to successfully connect. If you add or remove any camera from Echo control, or if your PC's LAN address changes, you should re-run this discovery step in order to find any newly added cameras. To fully remove a camera from Echo control you may need to use the Alexa app on your Smartphone. In addition, to fully remove Echo access to your Blue Iris, you should delete the user entry that's created on Options/Mobile devices.

Once discovery is successful, you're ready to issue commands to your Echo such as:

"Alexa, turn Blue Iris On" to set the traffic signal icon to yellow/green
"Alexa, turn Blue Iris Off" to set the traffic signal icon to red
"Alexa, set Blue Iris to 10%" to set profile 1
"Alexa, set Blue Iris to 50%" to set profile 5
"Alexa, set Blue Iris to 100%" to resume the normal schedule

For individual camera control (if configured on camera properties page prior to discovery), you can issue commands such as:

"Alexa, turn My Camera 1 On" to enable, pause, record, or select the camera (as configured)
"Alexa, turn My Camera 1 Off" to disable, un-pause, stop recording, or de-select the camera
"Alexa, set My Camera 1 to 10%" to move to PTZ preset 1
"Alexa, set My Camera 1 to 50%" to move to PTZ preset 5

Sure in a perfect world, we would not use percentages to control presets and profiles, this is a side-effect of the light-bulb device emulation. If Amazon opens the ASK API (Amazon Skill Kit Application Programming Interface) to further direct device control manufacturers, or if Blue Iris builds-out a full user portal website, this may change. You may also see additional HA integration, such as Hue and WeMo control directly through Blue Iris.

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Yes. You have shared the useful information about Blue iris and its alexa integration. In future if you face any issue with alexa app configuration or any other kind of issue then you can contact with our technical support team. Which is 24 hour available to assist you.

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