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I am currently using Iris as a standalone Alarm System and SmartThings for all of the rest of my home automation (lights, thermostats, locks, etc). I've done this because I like the Iris alarm the best for a stand alone self-monitored alarm system - and I like SmartThings the best for a no-monthly-fee home automation controller.

While my 2 systems aren't integrated - the only feature I am missing is the ability for my SmartThings controlled lights to be turned on when the Iris Alarm is triggered. Does anyone know of a way to do this? I don't want to spend $9.99 a month for the Iris Premium service just to have this feature in Iris. Additionally, I much prefer to keep my lighting controls on SmartThings - I think it's a much better app and system which is much more future-proof.

I did try to set up an IFTT command based on the email alerts that come in from iris (into my gmail) when an Alarm is triggered - but it was very slow. 

Has anyone else found a way to have an alarm alert trigger something in SmartThings?

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Could you rig a contact switch to monitor that state of the Iris alarm with the contact switch being part of your ST network.
You wouldn't need the reed switch in the contact switch, there are some door/window switches that have terminals built in
that you can connect to. Or you could use a small coil energized when the siren is turned on and place it next to the reed
switch so that the energized coil would act like the magnet and close the reed switch which ST would record and you could
perform whatever action you wanted from there.


Wow, that was weird, as I am writing this my system just logged me as leaving and Away and since I was the last person home it set the alarm to ON.

Then a minute later it set it back to OFF because it recorded me as returning, all while I was reading this thread and responding and sitting at the computer.

I heard the keypad beep and thought 'what was that?' and looked in history on the web portal and this is what I see.

01-27-2017 11:08:37 am   Security Alarm Disarmed
01-27-2017 11:08:37 am   Scene Run Scene I\u0027m Home was run by rule Run a Scene When Someone Gets Home
01-27-2017 11:08:37 am   Bob arrived (nope, I never left the house)
01-27-2017 11:07:53 am   Security Alarm Armed ON
01-27-2017 11:06:53 am   Scene Run Scene Away was run by rule Run a Scene When the Last Person Leaves
01-27-2017 11:06:53 am   Bob departed (didn't happen)
01-27-2017 10:53:46 am   MS 2 Rear Motion was no longer detected (this is when I sat down to the computer)

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